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Airlines ask the FAA to let them cancel flights because one critical role is short-staffed

Stuck at your gate wondering why your already-once-rescheduled flight was canceled and has left you stranded? You’re not alone. As summer travel peaks, the U.S. airline industry faces mounting disruptions attributed to a shortage of one critical position — air traffic controllers. If you plan to fly with national brands like American Airlines, Delta Airlines, or United Airlines in the coming months, your travel plans could be impacted by an upcoming Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)… ( More...

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Edgar Murphy 31
Is it that hard to identify ATC in the title of your article? You are starting to look like a click bait collection written by teens in their mothers’ basements.
n42769 6
I loved the job, but the RADAR control facilities are where the real shortage exists since it can take up to 3 years of OJT to certify a good enroute radar controller. IMHO Control Towers are not the cause.

Burke Files 4
As a passenger, I can understand delays - but don't BS me. Tell all of us why. Then make a real effort to make it right. As a FF I have special access to a human. TG for them. Without human help - I think I would prefer to drive even longer distances.
Joe Keifer 14
If a flight is cancelled or delayed due to something that the FAA is responsible for providing, will the FAA be willing to compensate the passengers the same as if the airline was the cause of the damage done to the passengers?
ken young 2
Is that a trick question?
Jack Banas 5
It would be nice if the FAA (Friendly Aggravation Administration) would just compensate the airlines for the loss of revenue for their bureaucratic short comings and lack of planning, and also compensate the passengers for not providing the service we all pay our taxes to provide and for inconvenience. If we were to hold the bureaucrats feet to the fire maybe they will finally do their job right and not go back to their old business as usual model.....
Joe Keifer 6
Have hiring practices based upon metrics other thank knowledge, skills and abilities been run through a safety evaluation?
Of course not. That would demonstrate common sense instead of a clueless obsession with political correctness and "inclusion".
Tro Henderson 2
Honestly it doesn’t matter if it’s during the holidays or not, there will always be something go haywire. Electronics, pilots and or stewardess.

Tom Messer 2
Crap! Now we have a ceiling. Good enough. Let’s cancel.
S McGeady 2
When do we get Free Flight? At the moment it looks like approximately "never".
Jon Schwartz 2
Be thankful we're not getting all the government we're paying for.
Will Rogers
ExPatHere 0
Mayor Pete….The worst.
Dean Bogdanowich 14
been going on for years , It started with Reagan firing everyone and having the retirement set at age 56 . do the math everyone who was fired in 1981 were replaced in the early 1980 through 1992 when they shut down the training accademy for 6 years , next group of hires came in 1998 , Guess who is all past retirement age ? It an easy fix let controllers retire at the same age as pilots . 65
John Taylor 1
If they hadn't illegally struck, they wouldn't have been fired. They broke the law, screw 'em.
darjr26 2
If only life was as simple as your mind is.
Jim Welch 1
Phillip Soltan -2
That's a terrible idea. I don't think you realize the mental gymnastics and stress that goes with being an ATC. I certainly don't want a 65 year old controller responsible for my flight.
Dean Bogdanowich 10
I know plenty, I did it for 29 years and I am still better than the folks they hire today . And I worked ZNY busiest airspace there is .
Phillip Soltan -2
Well good for you. I would consider you the exception, not the norm. I'm 62 and in good shape for my age. That said, I still don't have near the attention span and focus I did when I was 20 or 30. I also get mentally fatigued sooner than I used to. Years of experience can make up for some of that but it's still pushing the limits for most people. Especially if their diet is awful.
dmedders 5
Don’t assign your limitations to others.
DracoVolantis 6
I don't understand why you "don't want a 65 year old controller responsible for my flight" yet it seems that you're OK that a 65-old pilot flies your airplane?
Phillip Soltan -1
I didn't say "I wanted a 65 year old pilot" but think about it. There is at least a pilot and co-pilot on all airline flights and I consider their job easier, most of the time, than the ATC job.
Nooge 3
Why are you so obsessed with Mayor Pete ?

Projecting ?
ksmith610 -2
You sound like quite the trumpanzee.
jgoedker 0
Maybe the airlines shouldn't have scheduled the flights in the first place. Controller, pilot, mechanic shortages, and "near misses" all point to the fact the airlines are trying to do too much. Air travel has become "right" in our society. They need to limit capacity and let the fares control capacity. Hauling a person 3000 miles for a couple of hundred bucks is the real problem. It's time for the politicians and bureaucrats to do their job and regulate.
Terry Briggs 4
Fully agree. Too many airplanes in the air to begin with; there is such a thing as saturation limit. Need larger aircraft and then fill them to capacity, fewer takeoffs and departures, more rational scheduling. Rethinking wasteful 'hub' models can help, too.
Edward Bardes 3
Airlines start selling tickets for flights months in advance, so there's no way of knowing what factors will impact a flight being able to take place when the tickets start selling.
I Dunno 0
First foremost of all, I LOVED doing the job for 32+ years
Here's the bottom line pertaining the current Air Traffic Controller Specialist(ATCS) issue.....
The same conditions that existed prior to the infamous 1981 Controller strike and subsequent firing of 12,242 (+/-) controllers....still exist to this day. It's still a $hitty job, with $hitty equipment, $hitty FAA management, $hitty facility locations and many $hitty nauseum.
Nothing will ever really change. All they do is just paint over the rust.....
I'm so proud I took my marbles and pulled the D-Ring back in 2000 and these were my parting final words:
"As they used to say in Ol' Mexico City.....A-M-F!"

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