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First Look: Porter Airlines E195 Jet at Fort Lauderdale Int'l Airport

On November 6, Canadian regional carrier Porter Airlines showcased its brand new Embraer E195-E2 jet at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. ( More...

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Very nice article indeed.
dilkie 4
i'll miss the Q400's... they were kinda cool... also, Pearson... yuck!.. guess these are too big for Toronto Island... darn.
David Stark 3
For those tracking, the ICAO code is E295. Also, I notice that Porter's code has changed from POE to PTR.
Keith Brown 3
Embraer makes some nice equipment, though I've never piloted one. I was one of the first passengers on the E170 (take my E145 please!) and it was so early on they had some issue with the FDC and weren't sure if they could reboot it or not so we had to taxi back to the gate until they could get a tech rep out to advise. It was only an hour delay, but ever since then, I've really enjoyed any "commuter" flight in an E170/5-E190/5 and if I was a billionaire, I would consider some of their biz jets. Like all Brazilians, they look good too... :-)


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