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Why AI can’t replace air traffic controllers Humans are likely to remain a necessary central component of air traffic control for a long time to come.

After hours of routine operations, an air traffic controller gets a radio call from a small aircraft whose cockpit indicators can’t confirm that the plane’s landing gear is extended for landing. The controller arranges for the pilot to fly low by the tower so the controller can visually check the plane’s landing gear. All appears well. “It looks like your gear is down,” the controller tells the pilot. The controller calls for the airport fire trucks to be ready just in case, and the aircraft… ( More...

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sparkie624 14
Excellent article... I certainly do not want to see a Computer or Robot in the Control Tower... I remember in my plane, I was coming in for landing, Put the Gear down... 1 Green... 2 Green... Hmm... Cycled the gear a 2nd time... same thing and the Red Warming light stayed illuminated... (Pucker Factor engaged)... Contacted tower and advised them of our situation and did a low fly by... He advise the gear was down, but said he could not confirm if it was locked (Expected)... The Controller offered me the option to have equipment ready, and I declined. I came around the pattern again to land and I touched down as SOFTLY as I could... Gear stayed down on landing and taxi in. Being an A&P I diagnosed the issue to a misadjusted switch on the downlock. Made a very minor adjustment (1bout 1/64" if that), did a gear swing, resafetied and the problem has not returned... However the Memory Remains.. UGH!
Juan Jimenez 1
I agree with the title except the words "for a long time to come."


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