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Mobile Flight Tracker Apps
All Mobile Devices

FlightAware, the world leader in flight tracking, offers the free flight tracking/flight status app for your device.

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  • Free download, completely free to use
  • Full-screen maps with NEXRAD weather
  • Track airline, charter, private, and GA aircraft
  • See nearby aircraft flying overhead
  • Mobile push notifications and flight alerts
  • View worldwide airport activity

Have questions about the Flightaware app?

Visit our FAQ Page to learn more.

New Version - Released May 7, 2018
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What's New in 5.5.0
  • We fixed an issue where extra characters may show up in the alert set-up process if a non-English language is the default.
  • We updated icons throughout the app to make them easier to understand.
  • We changed the ad-remove in-app purchase from a one-time buy to a subscription.
  • We still honor the existing one-time purchasers ad-remove and do not show ads for them.
New Version - Released Nov 30, 2016
What's New in 5.2.138
  • Update databases
  • Force TLS 1.2 encryption
Bug Fixes
  • Fix display of terminals and gates


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