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Very early model PA23 Apache. Piper's first twin.

Written on 26-04-2018 by CHRIS ROBEY

I doubt the AOA changed much from mains still full down to wheels up. That said, considering the amount of lift at this point, that was mighty close to a tail strike. Good capture, William !!

Written on 26-04-2018 by Viv Pike

The wings don't seem big enough to carry it, does it get some lift from the curved body?

Written on 25-04-2018 by Butch Hollingsworth

Happy times!

Written on 25-04-2018 by Dan Little

Thank you very much!!

Written on 25-04-2018 by Ché Stuart

Link to the plane's registration:

Written on 25-04-2018 by Tony Erni

Well done! Superb timing

Written on 25-04-2018 by Andre Blanchard

Gorgeous shot

Written on 25-04-2018 by Angel Vee

What a beauty!

Written on 25-04-2018 by Mike Boote

The only info I've been able to find indicates that this frame is "stored" at MZJ, but I've examined several fairly recent airshots of the Pinal Airpark and I have not been able to ID it so perhaps it has already been scrapped. Also, there are some B747 frames there that no longer have paint on them so maybe it is one of those. Or just maybe it is back in service with another agency and this old Queen is still flying high in the sky.

Written on 25-04-2018 by Gary Schenauer

That's me sitting in the pilot's seat. I had just purchased this plane and was flying it back to North Carolina. Thanks for the memory!

Written on 25-04-2018 by Eric Davis

A320NEO for ANA

Written on 25-04-2018 by Jose Mariano Rodríguez Rodríguez

Nice to see it still in the air.

Written on 25-04-2018 by Doug Zalud

** This position is not one where a spotter can just pull up in a car and sit in comfort while waiting to click aircraft. The capture angle for KBUF runway 23 arrivals and departures is fine, but 1) the "panning" time frame to get a good snap is ultra brief and 2) the location at the crest of the S. Youngs St overpass (over I-90) is a dangerous, dangerous position for pedestrians. This photo location is a "walk up the overpass into position - snap - then immediately leave the position and walk completely off the overpass" location, and it should ONLY be used in daytime hours on clear and dry wx days. During the hours of darkness, the entire area is pitch dark, the roadway shoulder on the overpass is less than three feet wide, and there is nowhere to go to avoid an oncoming car if it drifts on to the shoulder except over the railing and down on to Interstate 90 -- a bad idea. And if the Youngs St overpass is wet or snow-covered, this is NOT the location to be in ... it is a blindspot position for drivers coming up the overpass and even a slight skid by an oncoming car means you could well end up being a hood ornament. In other words, "the risk of going here to get a shot VERY often; in fact, I'd even say USUALLY, outweighs the reward." I'll be back in WNY in just a couple of months, but there are over a dozen excellent spotting locations at KBUF so I won't be snapping any more pics from here.

Written on 25-04-2018 by Gary Schenauer


Written on 25-04-2018 by shrudini

Kobe, Thanks! It's legit. Took it while riding the moving walkway.

Written on 25-04-2018 by Eric Davis

Used to fly in those between Boston and White Plains, NY on Command Airways in 1979-80.

Written on 25-04-2018 by Harold Dola


Written on 25-04-2018 by Chris Collinsworth


Written on 25-04-2018 by Cade Emtage

Nice shot!!! 5*

Written on 25-04-2018 by Cade Emtage


Good Capture

Written on 25-04-2018 by Kobe Hunte

it is good only for the first look!
unsharp, pixelated and very noisy!

Written on 25-04-2018 by Uwe Zinke

Grahmn - I agree with you!

The contrast is very nice!

Written on 25-04-2018 by Kobe Hunte

If not edited that is good photography!

Written on 25-04-2018 by Kobe Hunte

This is a nice pic

Looks edited tho

Written on 25-04-2018 by Kobe Hunte

Great shot Brian

Written on 25-04-2018 by Graham Bwdn

The light and reflections are excellent

Written on 25-04-2018 by Graham Bwdn

Many thanks Ken.

Written on 25-04-2018 by Graham Bwdn

Great Photo Graham.........

Written on 25-04-2018 by ken kemper

State of ILLinois 1

Written on 25-04-2018 by Joe Mayer

Pas encore une erreur de FlighyAware? une xième fois, Cet hélico est un Aérospatiale AS-350-B3 pas un Airbus 350

Written on 25-04-2018 by andré belleau

thank you Greg!

Written on 24-04-2018 by Uwe Zinke

Wonderful Beautiful

Written on 24-04-2018 by Nate Rasband

Shows how good was the basic airframe design that she was built in 1957. Same age as me.

Written on 24-04-2018 by CHRIS ROBEY

William Thank you for your comment!!

Written on 24-04-2018 by Takahiro Nakayama

Awesome, I'll have to check that out. Thanks! :)

Written on 24-04-2018 by Guinevere Brown

This shot of an airplane flying by the moon should have won "Photo Of The Day", in every country of the world. Excellent work!!!!

Written on 24-04-2018 by STEELJAW


Written on 24-04-2018 by Cade Emtage

Great shot!!! 5*

Written on 24-04-2018 by Cade Emtage

Thanks Kobe. It was (partially) at the request of someone who was on it.

Written on 24-04-2018 by andrew kennaugh

Nice photo Andrew!

Written on 24-04-2018 by Kobe Hunte

Thanks for your support Kobe
Thanks also Jim and Harrison for extra info.

Written on 24-04-2018 by Graham Bwdn

Wow this plane has been flying for 20 years!

Written on 24-04-2018 by Kobe Hunte

I see it looks mostly likely like they are tracking down bad guys around town. Kudos to them!

Written on 24-04-2018 by Kevin Haiduk

In case anyone needed to know, the ICAO for this type is BFIT.

Written on 24-04-2018 by Harrison Miller

Great one of the gear just going up! I will never get tired of seeing pics of the 748.

Written on 24-04-2018 by Kevin Haiduk

Thank You, Cade.

Written on 24-04-2018 by Scot Wattawa

I agree with Martin, the big bird made an unusual sound. I worked on and flew in these planes in the early 1950's and we flew them as much in the daytime as at night. It was quite an engineering feat to get that big thing airborne.

Written on 24-04-2018 by George Hartzheim

Nice catch, Uwe!

Written on 24-04-2018 by Greg Byington

France has that much light left at 9pm? ugh not fair. lol

Written on 24-04-2018 by Chris Collinsworth

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