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And all these years I thought that was a chase photo of an early Phoenix firing!

Written on 24-06-2017 by Bill Butler

Thanks Cliff, I'm basically doing a flying restoration, it needed some attention as my Dad lost his medical about 10 yrs ago. He ran a 1976 Thrush S2R with a P&W R1340 and loaded many times where he is standing in the picture. When the boll weevil eradication program was implemented he was running 3 Thrush and sometimes 4. I'll post more pictures when I can dig them up.
I posted 87I but we still have the airstrip and hangar he worked from. It was a good area for ag work but with cotton crops basically gone from the area and corn taking its place its less opportunity to do ag flying here now. Plus with bigger ag planes now that can ferry further faster it is not conducive to old aircraft like he had.

Written on 24-06-2017 by Leslie Nash

I busted an eardrum for this shot. Loudest thing I've ever heard. If anyone wants to check out the video find it here:

Written on 24-06-2017 by Chris Leipelt

This aircraft was previously registered as N63WD.

Written on 24-06-2017 by Richard Ashford

I think the team at flightaware should start screening some of these photo's!

Written on 24-06-2017 by Brian Wilkes

Nose wheel door shows 73-1153...

Written on 24-06-2017 by karinmiddendorp

Paint my airplane black with fishbones, please.

Written on 24-06-2017 by n9341c

Yeah. I'm thrilled the Iranians are still flying the Tomcat. Great.

Written on 24-06-2017 by n9341c

Got to love the new A320neos!

Written on 24-06-2017 by Aaron Harris

All hail the almighty 777!!!

Written on 24-06-2017 by Aaron Harris

New prop design with winglet style tips.

Written on 24-06-2017 by William Crooker

And no please don't put is as copy right I want make the photographer to feel good on his work N9456X at York aviation

Written on 24-06-2017 by Eric Anstine

I didn't take this photo posted to award the great quality great work!

Written on 24-06-2017 by Eric Anstine

Nice shot

Written on 24-06-2017 by Scot Wattawa

Yep, she's an MD11. The reduced span of the horizontal stab (compared to the DC10 stabilizer) confirms it.

Written on 24-06-2017 by CHRIS ROBEY

This is my favourite everyday t-shirt. I know there are others I could wear, but e v e r y s i n g l e t i m e , this is what I reach for, for comfort and fit, each and every time.

Written on 23-06-2017 by CDBrozovich

These shots need to be on a B-17 Calendar.

Written on 23-06-2017 by Don Lynch

Great timing.

Written on 23-06-2017 by Don Lynch

You caught this one just right!

Written on 23-06-2017 by Don Lynch

Looks to good to be true! What a photo!

Written on 23-06-2017 by Don Lynch

Astro-Naughts have to stay current too! T-38 is a favorite ride...

Written on 23-06-2017 by skylab72

Thanks for the pretty shot @! my county airport.

Written on 23-06-2017 by marylou anderson

I'll echo what Sam said... yes, it is indeed a great photo capture!!!

Gary, thanks for sharing this one with us!

Written on 23-06-2017 by cliff731

Thanks for the information, Sam... and very glad to hear the pilots were okay.

Written on 23-06-2017 by cliff731


Written on 23-06-2017 by Claude Picard

Airlander: this would be a great way to travel the coast of Australia and many other places in the world
Regards Terry

Written on 23-06-2017 by Terry Bourke

Mr roland pfeifer
ありがとうございます = Thank you for comment!!

Written on 23-06-2017 by Sushi Bose

I was one of the guys to work on the first F-4's when the AF got them in Feb 1963. We got 27 F-4B models & trained on them until the first F-4C showed up on 22 Nov 63.

Written on 23-06-2017 by Monroe Smith

Who labels this stuff? Too bad the label isn't correct.

Written on 23-06-2017 by James Driskell


Written on 23-06-2017 by Neil Klapthor

That's just a flat-out beautiful shot!

Written on 23-06-2017 by Rick Finch

this aircraft was damaged today at Dayton while taxiing, most likely will be written off, pilots OK.

Written on 23-06-2017 by sam kuminecz

great capture gary!

Written on 23-06-2017 by sam kuminecz


I don't have a photo of Wardair's 747 at CYWG but I do have PanAm's 747 at CYWG in the early 70's. Will post this weekend.

Written on 23-06-2017 by Rod Craven

Does indeed belong to IAG group, but it's actually a budget carrier based in Spain.

Written on 23-06-2017 by Chris Cashman

Used to watch those Phantoms take off from Da Nang Airbase on night missions to the north. Afterburners glowing for a few minutes after takeoff was something for a young soldier to see!

Written on 23-06-2017 by Mike Cartwright

Looks like a cross between a Vickers Viscount and a Boeing Dreamlifter. Also, a sausage with wings.

Written on 23-06-2017 by Roy Hunte

met a bird in flight !

Written on 23-06-2017 by xavier legay

Was this the one out of Indy Metro?

Written on 23-06-2017 by William Baldwin

Don't know where it came from or where it was going, but it wasn't on the ground long enough to cool the tires. Fastest pit stop I've ever seen a military bird make at this airport. I don't think they even shut down the starboard engine. Here and gone! Was most definitely in a hurry.

Written on 23-06-2017 by Gary Schenauer

looks more like an MD-11

Written on 23-06-2017 by Mark Henley

Sometimes an aircraft just has to look menacing to do the job. The F-4 was that kind of aircraft. So fortunate to have a number on display around the country including here at Tinker. Beautiful just does not describe that plane.

Written on 23-06-2017 by Bruce Stafford

Roland... you asked this question...

"Is this the same plane that NASA uses To transport astranuts (sic) around(?)"...

Sam has your answer covered quite well... but what's this with "astranuts"???

Well, I'm sure those NASA astronauts all have a sense of humor too!!! :-)

Written on 23-06-2017 by cliff731

Same type yes. But NASA has US civil registration not a military tail code

Written on 23-06-2017 by sam kuminecz

Even if the photo is old, it's always nice to see my home airport make the weekly collection of pics on FlightAware. Sad to hear she met an untimely end in Churchill though. Thanks for sharing. I don't suppose you have any shots of Wardair's 747 at CYWG from long ago?

Written on 23-06-2017 by Ryan Kehler

That 747 looks great, no matter how you take the picture.

Written on 23-06-2017 by roland pfeifer

The BOEING work horse.

Written on 23-06-2017 by roland pfeifer

Just like the old FLYING TIGER'S. Mean looking.

Written on 23-06-2017 by roland pfeifer

I have to say that SOUTHWEST has the best decorated plane flying.

Written on 23-06-2017 by roland pfeifer

Hold on here it comes.

Written on 23-06-2017 by roland pfeifer

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