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Dutch review energy ties with Russia after MH17 crash

The Netherlands is reviewing its extensive energy ties with Russia after the shooting down of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 Boeing 777 in eastern Ukraine a month ago in an attack that killed nearly 200 Dutch nationals, officials and analysts said. (uk.reuters.com) Daha Fazlası...

Qantas shelves sale of Frequent Flyer scheme

Despite staring down the barrel of a record $1 billion loss, Qantas is expected to hang onto its lucrative frequent flyer scheme rather than float the business or sell off part of the program. (www.ausbt.com.au) Daha Fazlası...

Air new zealand will put newer aircraft on routes

air new zealand is now planning phase two of introducing the new B773's on all NZAA/KSFO flight within the next few months. The CEO of anz said in a media conference held in Auckland on Monday that the retiring B744 fleet will b gone from the route as early as next month as newer aircraft are delivered to the fleet. However They will not put the B789's on this route at the moment until the trial of B773'S is complete. The Kiwi airline is looking at future orders for the B748 to have the Jumbo… (www.thetimes.com) Daha Fazlası...

Dreamliner woes: Raju to meet Boeing execs

With the Boeing 787 Dreamliner continuing to give sleepless nights to Air India (AI), aviation minister Ashok Gajapathi Raju Pusapati has decided to take matters into his own hands. Aviation ministry sources said Raju would soon be summoning top Boeing officials for a meeting to discuss the unending glitches with the Dreamliner that have taken away much of the sheen off AI’s newest aircraft. (www.hindustantimes.com) Daha Fazlası...

After 60 years, C-130 still a 'magnificent machine'

Tim Nguyen regards the C-130 “Hercules” as a “good friend.” The 60-year-old military aircraft has been the focus of his professional career, and quite possibly saved his life. During the 1975 Fall of Saigon, Nguyen -- then serving in the South Vietnamese air force -- escaped on the last C-130 out of Vietnam. (www.foxnews.com) Daha Fazlası...

Learning Jet to fill role as classroom at St. Paul airport

donated Boeing 727 will open as a hands-on classroom where schoolchildren can learn about aviation, weather and the physics of flight. (www.twincities.com) Daha Fazlası...

The Big Picture: NASA's electric plane achieves vertical takeoff

While EVs like the Tesla Model S and Renovo Coupe gain steam here on the ground, engineers at NASA's Langley Research Center are taking electric propulsion technology to new heights. (www.engadget.com) Daha Fazlası...

FAA Oversteps in Ride-Sharing Decision

The FAA's recent opinion that ride-sharing programs offered by two startups are not legal should give us all pause. (www.flyingmag.com) Daha Fazlası...

Plane Lands In Street Near Tulsa International Airport

An aircraft landed in the street near Tulsa International Airport on Tuesday after missing a car by mere feet. (www.newson6.com) Daha Fazlası...

Cincinnati-area man crashes plane on own property

minor injuries...but plane totalled. been flying for 30 years. (www.cincinnati.com) Daha Fazlası...