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Airbus A319 (N744P)


AAL's N744P, the Piedmont heritage special livery A319 that recently emerged from the paint shop displaying the "American" title instead of the former "US Airways" nameplate, accelerates down runway 16L to begin a delayed departure to KPHX. I caught it rotating just a few seconds later, but this snap shows the new "American" brand better.


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Eric Shepherd
Love the paint job! Remember the 'ol Piedmont Pacemakers? :)
John Marotta
another retro repaint ! looks great. can't wait to catch them at Logan !
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
John, not only are the PSA heritage and this Piedmont heritage repainted, the Allegheny-livery A319 is newly repainted too. You'll catch them all soon, for sure. Eric, I definitely do. "The Route Of The Pacemakers!"
Wish they would re-paint some of these in Victorville (KVCV)!
Rob Pauley
They can put the Piedmont name on whatever they want, but USAirways or American will never hold a light to that wonderful airline. In a way, I resent this paint job for several reasons, but mostly because USAir took Piedmont and ruined it.
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Rob, I understand your feelings. American took over Reno Air and rapidly dismantled it, too. I have heard there will someday be a Reno Air heritage schemebird flying under American's label, and I am looking forward to seeing that livery again just for the memory jog. I can concur with you, but I like seeing this livery in the skies again.
James Satterwhite
Norfolk Southern and Union Pacific have been painting locomotives to pay tribute to pioneer companies that now make up the modern system. It is so nice to see the airlines doing this as well. Will we see Republic or Great Lakes?
Dave Sheehy
5* again Gary! I worked for Piedmont from 1984 until they were merged with Agony Airlines, aka USAir. Thanks for capturing the Speedbird and sharing!
sam kuminecz
according to a United check pilot I talked to last month, united is planning a retro 737 with the United "Tulip Petals" livery in the near future...
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Dave, my apologies for not replying sooner; I just now read your comment while I was preparing to reply to Sam. I guess I missed seeing your comment at the time you posted it. I did not know you had worked for Piedmont. I've got a couple late-1960s Bl&Wh clicks of a Piedmont Fairchild on s/final to Washington National. Those pics are certainly nothing to brag about but they are Piedmont birds. I think one of them was the "Pacemaker James _____ " (don't recall the last name right now but it will come to me eventually). Maybe I'll post it to the FA gallery, but it is a scan of a B&W photo and I was only about 17 when I clicked it so normally I don't share any of those old snaps on a national aviation site like FA. If you'd be interested in seeing it, I can email it to you.
OK, now, to reply to Sam ... lol ... That's neat news! I'd real enjoy seeing a Blue Tulip retro livery. I've got a whole ton of Blue Tulip shots but seeing it back as a retro would be a special treat. I've got one pic I'll try and locate in my files from back in 2007 that I took with a simple point-and-shoot camera; it is a neat early-AM pic of three Tulip-tails: UA and TED ... but it is a close up pic of just the three tails next to each other. If I can find it, I'll post it even though it's a pic from my first days using a digital camera so it's a low Quality shot.
Sam, Thanks for passing along the heads-up from the check pilot. ;-)
sam kuminecz
Gary...just saw a treat today...blue tulip trans state 145...thought they were all repainted by now...luckily I was wrong!!!! N842HK. I'll post it soon...
Whatever happened to expressjet's 145 that had orange and green livery? I know it was when they were xjet.com for about a year feb 2007-mid 2008
sam kuminecz
Gary...upload as many old photos as you can...I've put up a lot from old postcards and it's bringing back a lot of memories to FA members...I've noticed other people doing the same recently...I started a revolution haha
sam kuminecz
Gary, "pacemaker James river" was the name of a dc-3, f-27 and a 737-200
sam kuminecz
I'm not sure if the tulip paint will be the newer blue or the old orange...either way I hope it really does happen!
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23-Tem-2019 A319Miami Intl ()Boston Logan Intl () 21:43 EDT 00:39 EDT (+1) Tarifeli
23-Tem-2019 A319Las Americas ()Miami Intl () 15:36 AST 17:50 EDT Tarifeli
23-Tem-2019 A319Miami Intl ()Las Americas () 12:15 EDT 14:13 AST Tarifeli
22-Tem-2019 A319Reagan National ()Miami Intl () 19:25 EDT 21:50 EDT Tarifeli
22-Tem-2019 A319Charlotte/Douglas Intl ()Reagan National () 17:14 EDT 18:20 EDT Tarifeli
22-Tem-2019 A319Raleigh-Durham Intl ()Charlotte/Douglas Intl () 15:09 EDT 15:44 EDT Tarifeli
22-Tem-2019 A319Charlotte/Douglas Intl ()Raleigh-Durham Intl () 13:25 EDT 13:56 EDT Tarifeli
22-Tem-2019 A319Philadelphia Intl ()Charlotte/Douglas Intl () 10:25 EDT 11:30 EDT Tarifeli
22-Tem-2019 A319Nashville Intl ()Philadelphia Intl () 06:26 CDT 09:03 EDT 1:36
21-Tem-2019 A319Philadelphia Intl ()Nashville Intl () 22:30 EDT 23:09 CDT 1:38
21-Tem-2019 A319Detroit Metro Wayne Co ()Philadelphia Intl () 18:02 EDT 19:14 EDT 1:12
21-Tem-2019 A319Philadelphia Intl ()Detroit Metro Wayne Co () 15:35 EDT 16:49 EDT 1:13
21-Tem-2019 A319Palm Beach Intl ()Philadelphia Intl () 11:41 EDT 13:49 EDT 2:07
21-Tem-2019 A319Philadelphia Intl ()Palm Beach Intl () 08:31 EDT 10:40 EDT 2:08
20-Tem-2019 A319Palm Beach Intl ()Philadelphia Intl () 17:44 EDT 19:54 EDT 2:10
20-Tem-2019 A319Philadelphia Intl ()Palm Beach Intl () 14:39 EDT 16:48 EDT 2:08
20-Tem-2019 A319Bradley Intl ()Philadelphia Intl () 11:59 EDT 12:46 EDT 0:46
20-Tem-2019 A319Philadelphia Intl ()Bradley Intl () 10:16 EDT 10:57 EDT 0:40
20-Tem-2019 A319Bradley Intl ()Philadelphia Intl () 07:46 EDT 08:32 EDT 0:46
19-Tem-2019 A319Philadelphia Intl ()Bradley Intl () 22:00 EDT 22:44 EDT 0:44
19-Tem-2019 A319Palm Beach Intl ()Philadelphia Intl () 17:28 EDT 19:50 EDT 2:22
19-Tem-2019 A319Philadelphia Intl ()Palm Beach Intl () 14:09 EDT 16:13 EDT 2:03
19-Tem-2019 A319Bradley Intl ()Philadelphia Intl () 12:06 EDT 12:52 EDT 0:45
19-Tem-2019 A319Philadelphia Intl ()Bradley Intl () 10:29 EDT 11:06 EDT 0:36
19-Tem-2019 A319Bradley Intl ()Philadelphia Intl () 07:54 EDT 08:39 EDT 0:44
18-Tem-2019 A319Philadelphia Intl ()Bradley Intl () 22:28 EDT 23:05 EDT 0:36
18-Tem-2019 A319Boston Logan Intl ()Philadelphia Intl () 19:47 EDT 20:51 EDT 1:03
18-Tem-2019 A319Charlotte/Douglas Intl ()Boston Logan Intl () 15:24 EDT 17:07 EDT 1:42
18-Tem-2019 A319Sarasota/Bradenton Intl ()Charlotte/Douglas Intl () 11:50 EDT 13:14 EDT 1:23
18-Tem-2019 A319Charlotte/Douglas Intl ()Sarasota/Bradenton Intl () 09:26 EDT 10:41 EDT 1:14
18-Tem-2019 A319Portland Intl Jetport ()Charlotte/Douglas Intl () 05:58 EDT 07:43 EDT 1:44
17-Tem-2019 A319Charlotte/Douglas Intl ()Portland Intl Jetport () 21:52 EDT 23:46 EDT 1:53
17-Tem-2019 A319Savannah/Hilton Head Intl ()Charlotte/Douglas Intl () 19:35 EDT 20:21 EDT 0:46
17-Tem-2019 A319Dallas-Fort Worth Intl ()Savannah/Hilton Head Intl () 15:21 CDT 18:26 EDT 2:04
17-Tem-2019 A319Norfolk Intl ()Dallas-Fort Worth Intl () 12:27 EDT 14:05 CDT 2:37
17-Tem-2019 A319Dallas-Fort Worth Intl ()Norfolk Intl () 07:23 CDT 11:03 EDT 2:39
17-Tem-2019 A319Midland Intl Air and Space Port ()Dallas-Fort Worth Intl () 05:05 CDT 05:59 CDT 0:54
16-Tem-2019 A319Dallas-Fort Worth Intl ()Midland Intl Air and Space Port () 23:00 CDT 23:48 CDT 0:47
16-Tem-2019 A319General Mitchell Intl ()Dallas-Fort Worth Intl () 18:57 CDT 20:53 CDT 1:56
16-Tem-2019 A319Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl ()General Mitchell Intl () 12:45 MST 17:49 CDT 3:03
16-Tem-2019 A319Spokane Intl ()Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl () 08:41 PDT 10:54 MST 2:12
15-Tem-2019 A319Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl ()Spokane Intl () 22:46 MST 00:52 PDT (+1) 2:05
15-Tem-2019 A319Austin-Bergstrom Intl ()Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl () 19:17 CDT 19:09 MST 1:51
15-Tem-2019 A319Charlotte/Douglas Intl ()Austin-Bergstrom Intl () 16:55 EDT 18:13 CDT 2:17
15-Tem-2019 A319Myrtle Beach Intl ()Charlotte/Douglas Intl () 14:35 EDT 15:11 EDT 0:36
15-Tem-2019 A319Charlotte/Douglas Intl ()Myrtle Beach Intl () 13:12 EDT 13:44 EDT 0:31
15-Tem-2019 A319Norfolk Intl ()Charlotte/Douglas Intl () 11:15 EDT 12:04 EDT 0:48
15-Tem-2019 A319Charlotte/Douglas Intl ()Norfolk Intl () 09:23 EDT 10:08 EDT 0:44
15-Tem-2019 A319Pittsburgh Intl ()Charlotte/Douglas Intl () 07:09 EDT 08:12 EDT 1:02
14-Tem-2019 A319Chicago O'Hare Intl ()Pittsburgh Intl () 18:52 CDT 20:50 EDT 0:57
14-Tem-2019 A319San Antonio Intl ()Chicago O'Hare Intl () 14:16 CDT 16:26 CDT 2:10
14-Tem-2019 A319Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl ()San Antonio Intl () 08:52 MST 12:40 CDT 1:47
14-Tem-2019 A319Austin-Bergstrom Intl ()Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl () 06:32 CDT 06:26 MST 1:53
13-Tem-2019 A319Charlotte/Douglas Intl ()Austin-Bergstrom Intl () 22:37 EDT 23:53 CDT 2:15
13-Tem-2019 A319Memphis Intl ()Charlotte/Douglas Intl () 19:04 CDT 21:29 EDT 1:25
13-Tem-2019 A319Dallas-Fort Worth Intl ()Memphis Intl () 17:02 CDT 18:14 CDT 1:12
13-Tem-2019 A319Midland Intl Air and Space Port ()Dallas-Fort Worth Intl () 14:43 CDT 15:35 CDT 0:52
13-Tem-2019 A319Dallas-Fort Worth Intl ()Midland Intl Air and Space Port () 12:58 CDT 13:48 CDT (?) 0:49
13-Tem-2019 A319Columbia Metropolitan ()Dallas-Fort Worth Intl () 07:51 EDT 09:03 CDT 2:12
12-Tem-2019 A319Dallas-Fort Worth Intl ()Columbia Metropolitan () 21:42 CDT 00:36 EDT (+1) 1:53
12-Tem-2019 A319Memphis Intl ()Dallas-Fort Worth Intl () 19:37 CDT 20:40 CDT 1:03
12-Tem-2019 A319Charlotte/Douglas Intl ()Memphis Intl () 16:39 EDT 16:58 CDT 1:18
12-Tem-2019 A319Pittsburgh Intl ()Charlotte/Douglas Intl () 14:10 EDT 15:28 EDT 1:17
12-Tem-2019 A319Charlotte/Douglas Intl ()Pittsburgh Intl () 12:06 EDT 13:04 EDT 0:58
12-Tem-2019 A319Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport ()Charlotte/Douglas Intl () 09:36 EDT 10:31 EDT 0:54
12-Tem-2019 A319Charlotte/Douglas Intl ()Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport () 07:28 EDT 08:24 EDT 0:55
11-Tem-2019 A319Sangster Int'l ()Charlotte/Douglas Intl () 16:40 EST 20:16 EDT 2:36
11-Tem-2019 A319Charlotte/Douglas Intl ()Sangster Int'l () 14:04 EDT 15:28 EST 2:23
11-Tem-2019 A319Jacksonville Intl ()Charlotte/Douglas Intl () 11:51 EDT 12:50 EDT 0:59
11-Tem-2019 A319Charlotte/Douglas Intl ()Jacksonville Intl () 09:52 EDT 10:45 EDT 0:52
11-Tem-2019 A319Fort Lauderdale Intl ()Charlotte/Douglas Intl () 06:39 EDT 08:23 EDT 1:44
10-Tem-2019 A319Tampa Intl ()Reagan National () 09:00 EDT 10:58 EDT 1:57
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