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Incident: Shenzhen A320 at Hong Kong on Jun 26th 2016, below minimum safe altitude during go around and unexpected 360

A Shenzhen Airlines Airbus A320-200, registration B-6749 performing flight ZH-9041 from Jinjiang to Hong Kong (China), was on final approach to Hong Kong's runway 07L when approach instructed the crew to reduce to minimum approach speed, the crew queried whether they had 3nm separation to the previous traffic. Just in the moment when approach wanted to hand the aircraft off to tower the crew decided to go around and declined the handoff. (avherald.com) Daha Fazlası...

Incident: British Airways B744 at Toronto and Montreal on Jun 22nd 2016, mass and balance problem

A British Airways Boeing 747-400, registration G-CIVJ performing flight BA-92 from Toronto,ON (Canada) to London Heathrow,EN (UK), was en route at FL350 about 110nm east-northeast of Montreal,QC (Canada) when the crew decided to turn around and divert to Montreal due to a cargo loading error. The aircraft landed safely on Montreal's runway 24R about 105 minutes after departure from Toronto and about 55 minutes after the decision to divert. A passenger reported cargo had been loaded into an… (avherald.com) Daha Fazlası...

A320 crash. ACARS message indicates fire on board, main wreckage located, both black boxes found.

With 56 passengers and 10 crew, was en route at FL370 over the Mediterranean Sea about 130nm north of Alexandria (Egypt) and about 210nm north-northwest of Cairo when a number of ACARS messages indicating cockpit window temperature sensors faults and optical smoke detector activations were received between 00:26Z and 00:29Z, the crew did not respond to a handoff from Greek to Egypt ATC, the transponder signals of the aircraft ceased at 02:33L (00:33Z) and according to primary radar data provided… (avherald.com) Daha Fazlası...

Accident: Lufthansa A343 at Chicago on Sep 28th 2015, fumes injure three flight attendants

A Lufthansa Airbus A340-300, registration D-AIGT performing flight LH-437 (dep Sep 27th) from Chicago O'Hare,IL (USA) to Dusseldorf (Germany), was departing Chicago, when cabin crew in the aft cabin felt like lack of air with the aircraft still on the ground with all four flight attendants in the area suffering, and contacted the cockpit. A short time later the situation improved. One flight attendant felt near unconscious, another flight attendant felt incapacitated (see below for more… (avherald.com) Daha Fazlası...

Yamal CRJ2 Engine shut down in flight.

A Yamal Airlines Canadair CRJ-200, registration VQ-BSA performing flight YC-623 from Moscow-Domodedovo to Murmansk (Russia) with 50 passengers and 3 crew, was climbing out of Domodedovo's runway 32R when the crew needed to shut the right-hand engine (CF34) down, stopped the climb at 6000 feet and entered a hold at 6000, later 7000 feet to burn off fuel and returned to Domodedovo for a safe landing on runway 32R about 2:10 hours after departure. A replacement CRJ-200 registration VQ-BPD reached… (avherald.com) Daha Fazlası...

Incident: Aeroflot A320 at Tomsk on Jun 24th 2016, bird strike

An Aeroflot Airbus A320-200, registration VQ-BHL performing flight SU-1537 from Tomsk to Moscow Sheremetyevo (Russia) with 107 passengers and 6 crew, was climbing out of Tomsk's runway 03 when an engine (CFM56) ingested a bird at about 130 feet AGL causing the engine to vibrate. The crew continued the climb but aborted the flight at FL200 and returned to Tomsk for a safe landing on runway 21 about 30 minutes after departure. West Siberia's Transport Prosecutor's Officer opened an investigation… (avherald.com) Daha Fazlası...


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