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De Havilland Mosquito (N474PZ) - Airventure 2019
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De Havilland Mosquito (N474PZ)


Airventure 2019


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John moffitt
I just love this bird. One of my favourite designs of all times.
My mother used to cut plywood parts for these as part of the WWII effort so it became personal thing for me.
Very nice shot!
Gerry Ellis
Light as a feather and very fast, I think they used Balsa Wood as well.
Ken Hardy
A great design and the worlds first stealth aircraft although not by design
Alan Hume
Yes lots of balsa wood in them and one of the aircraft types that saved Great Britain in WWII. But I never could work out why their V-12 engines only had 10 (5 each side) exhaust outlets. Where are the other two?
Fazal Khan
Canadian Historic Aircraft Assoaciation (CH2A) in Windsor, Ontario, Canada has been buiding one of these from scratch. Sorry, don't know the latest status but a couple of years ago when I was there the fuselage and wings looked complete, they had two new Merlin engines in crates. Looked beautiful.
BTW, nice picture Todd, thank you.
Robert Mott
Love this plane, what a great shot, how many types WWII GB aircraft used the the Merlin engine?
frank theriault
Is there an AC with a more unique profile? One of a kind, beautiful - and a great shot, too!
Todd RoyerPhoto Uploader
Thank you everyone for the positive comments
Nicholas Green
A stunning photo of a beautiful plane. Thank you Todd for sharing.
Gavin Hughes
Super shot of one of the true masterpieces of design and engineering.

For Frank Theriault, De Havilland designed another similar looking fighter, the DH103 Hornet which was based on the Mosquito and using techniques learned from the Mosquito. The story on Wikipedia is worth a read.
Peter Sayers
I think that sitka spruce was used for the main spar.
Beautiful picture. Now, will all the termites please hold hands?
Alan Hume
In response to Robert Mott, many different types used various versions of the RR Merlin engine, too many to list here, but most noticeably the Spitfire and Hurricane fighters and the 4-engined Lancaster and Halifax. Even the P-51 Mustang was fitted with it when delivered to the RAF and it transformed its performance at high altitude over the lackluster performance of the Allison engine originally fitted to the Mustang. All aircraft that have used the engine are listed in the Wikipedia article about the engine: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rolls-Royce_Merlin
serge LOTH
Mosquito is one of the plane we ll never forget the story , as some of the WW2..
a mentor
De Havilland Mosquito (DH.98) and it was 19 mph faster than the P-51
a mentor
until today, I was unaware of the 2nd version,
de Havilland DH.103 Hornet,
see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/De_Havilland_Hornet


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