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Written on 26-05-2018 by BigAlOutWest

Thanks Rob

Written on 26-05-2018 by Brian Buckley

nice photo

Written on 26-05-2018 by RICARDO PARDO

James Banas - Thank you for your dedicated service in the U.S. Air Force!!!

Written on 26-05-2018 by cliff731

This is not even a photograph, but rather it is a digitally created image "borrowed" from a flight simulation site.

It can be viewed here...


The original image is from the flyawaysimulation.com site. Scroll down to "Images/Screenshots"...


Written on 26-05-2018 by cliff731

This image is a "borrowed" U.S. Air Force photo...


The original photo was taken by an Air Force photographer.

Also viewable on the Wikimedia Commons site...


Written on 26-05-2018 by cliff731

Nice pic. Flew the O-2 for a few hundred hours in the late 80's out of Hill AFB as a safety chase aircraft for mini-drone/UAV test programs over the Utah Test & Training Range. Our squadron had three of these and we were part of Air Force Flight Test Center at Edwards AFB which had two. The five were eventually "sold" to the Dominican Republic. To clear up some of the comments and based upon my memories and a great book called "Cessna Warbirds", yes, the Cessna 336 was non-retract and the 337 was retract but the O-2's were original designs based upon the 337 with added windows for observation, and strengthened wings to carry the pylons which could hold the WP and smoke rockets and also a mini-gun. The regular observation/Forward Air Controller (FAC) version was the O-2A and the psyops version was the O-2B commonly referred to by the pilots as the "bulls**t bomber."
The safety chase O-2A's we flew in UT were modified with all pylons off, prop spinners put back on, and all the heavy radio gear removed and replaced with King RNAV gear and radios (before GPS was common). Being much lighter, it could really haul a**. Click on my name to see a great pic of two O-2s in formation approaching Hill AFB - they had been converted back to regular configuration just before being sold to the Dom Rep. BTW, that is me in the white hat in number two. For a very brief moment I was in, just about, perfect formation. :-) Cheers, folks!

Written on 26-05-2018 by James Banas

Just do not let your arm lay across the hook in the bird. You could get a really nasty shock though it does not look like the hook is accessible from the cabin like it is in Phrogs.

Written on 26-05-2018 by WhiteKnight77

n9341c ... We get it. You do not like the Southwest paint scheme. And reading through your previous 151 photo comments, we also get it that you do not like the schemes of American and Air New Zealand. No need to reiterate it on every pic of those 3 airlines - they're not going to change them for you. Nice pic, Brian !!

Written on 26-05-2018 by Viv Pike

Great catch!

Written on 26-05-2018 by Aaron Kunz

If you're going to lose a Superbowl, this is the ride you want to go home in, ya know?

Written on 26-05-2018 by n9341c

So a paint scheme based on someone who just horked up their supper?

Written on 26-05-2018 by n9341c

go seahawks!

Written on 25-05-2018 by dan brite


Written on 25-05-2018 by Ché Stuart

SR-71 "WHITE BIRD" ?? just kiddin.

Written on 25-05-2018 by Butch Hollingsworth

Love the pic and also when that one comes over my house, looks like it is floating and I could out walk when it comes over. Go Mississippi.

Written on 25-05-2018 by Butch Hollingsworth

warmwynds- If your comment was directed at me... and I'll presume it was, then allow me to say that you asked the question... and I provided an objective reply. I might suggest you should refrain from asking such a question in the future as you seem to be overly sensitive regarding the voting on your photos uploaded here.

Written on 25-05-2018 by cliff731

Thank you for the explanation! Great!
Here's one of many You Tube videos of the same:

Written on 25-05-2018 by Chris Hicks

John Rumble - re your comment on the esthetics of the Backfire: "A brick will fly, with enough thrust."

Written on 25-05-2018 by corsair2

What gets hung on the four pylons located at the wing roots and between engines 1 and 2, and 3 and 4? ALCMs? It looks like Mr. Bear can carry 16 of whatever it is.

Written on 25-05-2018 by corsair2

It's a Percival P.40 Prentice, manufactured from 1947-1953.


Written on 25-05-2018 by jim gevay

I took this photo at an EAA fly-in some years ago. I have no information other than it appears to be British.

Written on 25-05-2018 by Phil Preston

Neat perspective Mike......

Written on 25-05-2018 by ken kemper

Thanks for commenting!
I took it in MCAS Iwakuni airbase..
It was a great day for me.

Written on 25-05-2018 by kotagonzaresu

The original concept for this a/c is the TU-4, a direct copy of B-29s 'stolen' by Stalin in the late 40's. A/C engineers have written that Boeing engineering still can be detected in this a/c. Regardless,this and the TU-114 passenger version are amazing and awesome statements to flight!

Written on 25-05-2018 by Bror Monberg

Thank you! I'm not really sure which instruments those are, but I know the National Science Foundation uses this aircraft for sampling and the measurement of atmospheric conditions.

Written on 25-05-2018 by Aaron Kunz

Next time zoom in on the topless girl... Or is that a guy in a speedo?

Written on 25-05-2018 by fholbert

That’s a 737 MAX-8 not a 737-800

Written on 25-05-2018 by Steven Weinstein

Kinda reminds me of a jet propelled sperm . . .

Written on 25-05-2018 by MrTommy

Always interesting how Russian planes resemble American. Either a case of similar problems have similar solutions or one hack of an espionage program!

Written on 25-05-2018 by Larry Horton

Sorry to waste your time with this comment. If you look at my other 1499 photos you see composition to no end. For what it is worth if I had moved up to the fence I would have been to close. Only took it just to have something from this new location that had just that American on the tarmac. when I got home I see that the same aircraft was in two of my other locations.......was expecting a poor if anyone voted. Take away all that debris in blocking that aircraft and I wouldn't be wasting my time writing this............good day.

Written on 25-05-2018 by warmwynds

I find this jet class are very limited for people in the bigger 6 foot Hight and leg space, let alone the shoulder area.

Written on 25-05-2018 by John Twohy

It's a Lancaster

Written on 25-05-2018 by andrew kennaugh

Hi Aaron, Nice shot. Any knowledge of the under-wing attachments?

Written on 25-05-2018 by CDBrozovich

That's an Avro Lancaster, one of only 2 flying, serial FM213 but carrying KB726 VR-A

Written on 25-05-2018 by andrew kennaugh

Always wanted to visit this airport since when I was a kid. When I finally got there, it was just a boring patch of grass.

Written on 25-05-2018 by Minivation

Here is named "chupa y sopla"

Written on 25-05-2018 by andresfa

used for testing transponders mode 4 and 5 working with C130J 30 out of Pax River on 25 May 2018

Written on 25-05-2018 by bennettbransel87

It's a Canadair CL-415 Water Bomber

Written on 25-05-2018 by Phil Preston

warmwynds - a/c photos snapped thru chain link fences invariably "suffer" in FA viewers voting as a rule. Almost universally so. Sorry... but you asked and that is the truth.

BTW, I declined to vote on this photo... that's not my one-star vote. Nothing wrong with your text at all... but you cannot excuse away that unsightly fence obstruction from ruining what otherwise might be a decent photo composition.

The presence of ground handling equipment that obscures part of an aircraft should also be avoided. Ditto for any other obstructions such as that utility pole tension cable.

Written on 25-05-2018 by cliff731

I appreciate the larger background. Photos of aircraft in flight that are cropped to just at the nose and tail (or wingtip) have a very static feel to them, like portraits. This photo gives the plane room to move!

Written on 25-05-2018 by Samuel Bixler

Aaron Kunz - you are welcome and thanks for the kind words!

Written on 25-05-2018 by cliff731

Thank you! Those Frontier animals make for a fun challenge in trying to catch them all.

Written on 25-05-2018 by Aaron Kunz

Thank you! This is one of my favorites, too! I think because it is one of the few Frontier animals that is a bright color, so he really stands out.

Written on 25-05-2018 by Aaron Kunz

I thought it was kind of rare, too! I would imagine it needed them coming from Alaska.

Written on 25-05-2018 by Aaron Kunz

I miss it, too! It was a VERTREP between us on the SHASTA and the CARL VINSON (CVN 70) several years ago.

Written on 25-05-2018 by Aaron Kunz

Thank you! And cliff731 - thank you for the information. That is great history!

Written on 25-05-2018 by Aaron Kunz

Is the poor vote for the obstructions or my text was too difficult to understand?

Written on 25-05-2018 by warmwynds


Written on 25-05-2018 by Rob Potter

https://youtu.be/GQEG81Z0vQE Here is its arrival in Canada

Written on 25-05-2018 by Rob Potter

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