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Airbus Investigates Continued Uncommanded Altitude Deviations on A350 Despite Control Unit Update

Airbus is currently probing recurring instances of uncommanded altitude changes on its A350 twinjets, even after implementing modifications following a similar issue two years ago. (www.airguide.info) More...

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Bipartisan Senate bill would kill the TSA’s ‘Big Brother’ airport facial recognition

US Senators John Kennedy (R-LA) and Jeff Merkley (D-OR) introduced a bipartisan bill Wednesday to end involuntary facial recognition screening at airports. The Traveler Privacy Protection Act would block the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) from continuing or expanding its facial recognition tech program. It would also require the government agency to explicitly receive congressional permission to renew it, and it would have to dispose of all biometric data within three months. (www.engadget.com) More...

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Europe Just Banned Fly Baghdad From Its Airspace

Fly Baghdad has been banned from operating in the EU's airspace due to safety concerns identified by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency. Iraq's other airline, Iraqi Airways, is also on the list. But it operates flights to the EU using Tailwind Airlines Boeing 737-800. Many other airlines and countries are included in the ASL, such as Russia. (www.msn.com) More...

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GPS Spoofing: Why are Planes Getting Hacked in the Middle East?

In a recent development that has raised alarms among aviation experts, dozens of commercial airliners flying over parts of the Middle East have reported experiencing GPS spoofing attacks in recent months. These attacks involve the transmission of false GPS signals, effectively tricking aircraft navigation systems into believing they are in a different location than their actual position. (aeroxplorer.com) More...

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FAA Wants 23 More Hours of Cockpit Voice Recorder Time

The agency wants to up the requirement to 25 hours from two. (airlinegeeks.com) More...

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FAA Orders Urgent Inspections for Boeing 747 Lightning Protection System

The FAA has issued an airworthiness directive requiring inspections of the lightning protection system on all U.S.-registered Boeing 747 aircraft. The move follows Boeing’s recommendation for inspections due to the degradation of key components in the system. These components play a critical role in preventing ignition sources during lightning strikes near fuel tanks. (www.airguide.info) More...

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Textron Aviation to Deliver 48 Cessna Skyhawk Aircraft to BAA Training

Textron Aviation entered an agreement with BAA Training for the purchase of 48 Cessna Skyhawk aircraft, which are expected to be delivered in 2026. The deal, inked at the 2023 Dubai Airshow, expands BAA Training’s existing fleet, offering increased capacity for students. The Cessna Skyhawk is designed and manufactured by Textron Aviation, a Textron company. (www.monitordaily.com) More...

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Russia Seizes Control of St. Petersburg Airport from Foreign Investors

In a recent fiasco, Vladimir Putin signed a decree taking control of St. Petersburg's Pulkovo Airport away from foreign investors, of which German airport operator Fraport and Qatar's sovereign wealth fund Qatar Investment Authority had over 24% ownership. (aeroxplorer.com) More...

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Tulsa Museum Works to Inspire Young Women in Aviation

The Tulsa Air and Space Museum is fundraising to support its next exhibit, “Women in Aviation.” The exhibit will feature women from the beginning of the age of flight, to the present day. (www.news9.com) More...

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TSA Reports Busiest Day Ever

The TSA reported that Sunday, November 26 was the busiest day in agency history. (airlinegeeks.com) More...

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Last Delta CRJ-200 Flight Takes Off

The airline is moving to operate two-class aircraft across its network. (airlinegeeks.com) More...

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Boeing-777 with 422 passengers on board crash-lands in Russia

An Aeroflot Boeing-737 made an emergency landing in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, while flying from Moscow. (news.yahoo.com) More...

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Canadian government to buy Boeing P-8A surveillance planes to replace aging Auroras

The federal government is buying at least 14 Boeing surveillance planes from the United States to replace the aging CP-140 Aurora fleet, cabinet ministers announced Thursday. The deal costs more than $10 billion in total, including US$5.9 billion for the jets themselves, and the planes are expected to be delivered in 2026 and 2027. (www.ctvnews.ca) More...


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