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Icelandair celebrates the arrival of its first 737 MAX 8 with a special flight of landscape photography

Reykjavik - Icelandair has celebrated the arrival of its first Boeing 737 MAX 8 with a special route over the landscapes and most remarkable sites of Iceland, inviting its passengers to take spectacular photos. (airlinerwatch.com) Daha Fazlası...

First A330-900 of WOW Air appears outside the FAL in Toulouse

Toulouse - The first of four Airbus A330-900s of the WOW Air was photographed by a spotter outside the FAL in Toulouse. The A330-900 should be delivered to WOW Air by the end of the year. (airlinerwatch.com) Daha Fazlası...

Spirit Airlines to buy regional jets to fill the gap in barely served routes

Houston - The American ultra-low-cost carrier Spirit Airlines plans to buy hundreds of regional jets to strengthen its network. The candidate list includes Bombardier CSeries and Embraer E2. (airlinerwatch.com) Daha Fazlası...

Hero Passsenger

It has emerged that a passenger helped to land a plane at Dublin Airport early yesterday morning. The Lufthansa Boeing 747 was en route from New York to Frankfurt with 264 passengers on board when the first officer became "incapacitated" while it was flying over the Atlantic. (www.breakingnews.ie) Daha Fazlası...

Boeing dismantles an unwanted 787 Dreamliner

Boeing is dismantling this former 787 test aircraft, line number 5, part of the early overweight group known as the “Terrible Teens”, at Paine Field in Everett, WA. (worldairlinenews.com) Daha Fazlası...

Austrian Airlines updates its livery

The Austrian company updates its logo again for a more immediate recognition (worldairlinenews.com) Daha Fazlası...


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