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— — - scanned from photographbr /focke wulf FW-189
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scanned from photograph
focke wulf FW-189


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Peter West
Sam Kuminecz - interesting image - you seem to be scanning a lot of postcards rather than lifting tour own images? Is this in the spirit of Flight Aware? I'm not sure. Still, interesting image. You've lifted loads of scans ...
sam kumineczPhoto Uploader
Peter obviously you haven't looked at my photos. I have 11,000 photos and maybe 500 are scans. I post that they are scans. And yes I'm friends with some FA staff and they love the classics. I am preserving a history of aircraft that no longer grace our skies. If you don't like them keep scrolling.
@Peter West - "Lighten up, Francis"...!!! :-)

Sam's historical aircraft and postcard scans are always provided with proper attribution and credit by him. He's contributed photos of older vintage aircraft that we on the FlightAware community would otherwise not be able to enjoy viewing!

Speaking for myself, I certainly appreciate his efforts in this regard.

By the way, Sam is also an accomplished "airplane spotter" photographer in his own right. He has uploaded quite a number of exemplary images that he has captured with his camera. He was at the most recent EAA Airventure event in Oshkosh this year. Sam graciously shared many of his superlative photos with us.
sam kumineczPhoto Uploader
Thanks for those words cliff, I'm not gonna let 1 person deter me from sharing historical photos. I've spent hours restoring these degraded photos to share. Unfortunately some are beyond help. Most can be fixed with lightening or darkening and sharpening the photo.
Sam... you are very welcome and thanks again for your dedicated efforts and endeavors to share those historic aviation photo images with us!!!
Alan Brown
Thank you for the photo. I also enjoy the older aircraft as I have always enjoyed all of the aircraft that get posted. Old or new, I especially enjoy the different looking ones. Keep them coming.
ian mcdonell
Peter West is not representative of the viewers of this site
I am not sure what he represents except his own ego

I enjoy this type of material and thank Sam for sharing these pics
Tim Marks
Sam, please know there are many others on FA who appreciate seeing these photos of old/rare images of aircraft that no one can possibly take today. Thanks.
Paul Wisgerhof
According to Wiki there is one example of this bird still flying in the UK. Probably the only one left.
Mark Ryalls
Sam I appreciate your pictures or scans. I am reasonably sure you don't have the ability to see one of these planes in flight or on the ground since there may be very few or none still around. Thank you sir.
sam kumineczPhoto Uploader
thanks guys, yea I checked with a IP attorney and these photos are not copyright protected because of many factors that would take forever to type up.
The main reason I visit this site is to look at aircraft pictures. I especially enjoy seeing unique aircraft. This is one I don't think I've seen before. Thanks for posting it, keep it up.
Peter west
You are the only one who does not like sam's scans he is presenting us with pictures of historic aircraft. Even the staff here like his scans he is keeping history alive.
JJ Tyson
Apparently this relatively slow aircraft was maneuverable enough to escape Russian fighters on the eastern front. If the Germans had originally replaced it's large crew module with single pilot cockpit and upgraded engines, they would have had themselves a P-38 in time for the battle of Britain instead of the Bf 110..... Fortunate they didn't.
Bill A
Keep posting, Sam -- you're doing us all a service.
G Zorbas
I too add my thanks to Sam for all his efforts. Scanned or shot first hand, every image that he has contributed to Flightaware has been appreciated and very much enjoyed.
Karl Scribner
Thanks for the nice photo, rare and one not often seen.

Mr. West, please, quit grumbling, like your TV set there is an off button to avoid content you don't like. Use it, please.
Russ Brown
I like airplanes - old and new! I live off the West end of IAD 30 - great views.
Michael Rogers
I enjoy the military aircraft of any era. This one is amazing and one that I have never seen before. Please keep them coming.
Alan Hume
This site is called "Flight Aware"! If scanning in historic photos of aircraft long gone or in unique historical situations isn't keeping us all aware, I don't know what it is doing. I think the historic photos are a magnificent addition to an otherwise boring rendition of yet another commercial airliner doing its daily routine. Keep 'em coming!
another beautiful vintage photograph that i've ever seen on this site. thanks for sharing it.


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