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  66 Aldığı Oy (4.70 Ortalama) ve 7.286 Görüntülenme  

— — - Would have loved to see these 3 beasts arrive or depart.
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— —


Would have loved to see these 3 beasts arrive or depart.


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Gary Schenauer
Hot Da_n!! A Super Stallion. These two photos are EACH worth double value: 5 for the superb quality and five more for the fact that they are CH53s. I'd be camped out on the fenceline waiting for these bruisers to leave. What a fabulous capture! ***** + *****
Gavin Hughes
What a mean looking beast at that angle. Super shot. Would love to hear ONE in power, let alone three.
Robin Rebhan
Just think a 100 years ago if they saw this picture, they'd say " It'll never get off the ground ".
.....it does fly right?
Sidney Smith
The 800 pound gorilla of the rotary wing world. Yes there bigger, and faster but none as versatile as the SS. It only takes 12 hours of maintenance per flight hour. As menacing looking as anything in the air or on the ground.
Awesome indeed! Quite the character photo.
Curtis Smith
The '53E IS A BEAST!!! I was working on a S-3 on the flight deck in Naples, Italy during a port visit. The thing landed on the other side of us, quite a ways away...And it still nearly blew my legs out from under me!!! That was my first formal introduction.
Bruce Pryde
Check out the SIZE of the frigin tail rotor! (esp. blades)

Fantastic shot!
Joe Filakovsky
I live about 2 miles from the Sikorsky plant in Stratford Connecticut and when one of these roars over the house during testing, everything shakes!
theresa robertson
theresa robertson
Bob Edwards
USMC Squadron HMH-366?
I used to see Super Shitters every day. My favorite IP was the XO for one of the squadrons at Tustin. I got pics of these as they taxied by. Phrogs phorever.
Oh yeah, great shot.
Herb Haughton
that thing actually gets off the ground!!!
Brian Carlin
Superb catches Richard!! I sought to get out there after your text alerting me of these, but couldn't make it due to work. Glad you caught and shared them, and in your normal exceptional fasion! 5*
Robert Cowling
All work, no play...


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