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Lockheed L-1011 TriStar — - Air Canada L-1011 departing KLAX in the spring of 1977
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Lockheed L-1011 TriStar —


Air Canada L-1011 departing KLAX in the spring of 1977


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Alf Goddard
I have flown on the L1011. Very powerful and comfortable. A bit old now, though.
Yes, A DC-10 because the windshield is distinctive to a Douglas aircraft. The L1011 remains in service with the the UK Royal Air Force for a while yet until the A330 Voyager military transport fully comes on line later this year.

I love the DC-10 which will stop commercial service soon at my local airport ( BHX ) en route to JFK with Biman Bangladesh and the TriStar is also unique as being a TriJet of a widebody design with a beautiful sound when departing on full power.

These were wonderful aircraft to watch and can never be replaced by boring computer designed twins that do the job and leave nothing for the enthusiast. My coins and stamps appear to have been neglected in recent times...the airport has become rather boring...
James Walth
I was a Lockheed Tech Rep on the L-1011 for many years throughout the 70's, 80, and 90's. What an awesome aircraft it was. Once maintenance understood that it was completely different than any of the other aircraft that they worked on they really enjoyed it. Lockheed built 250 of them before the airline industry took a down turn and the aircraft went out of production. Lockheed announced the termination of the L-1011 production on December 7th 1981, another day in infamy.
James Wrath...do you remember Bob Robillard (L-1011 design)? Just wondered.
Robert Simon
What a beautiful aircraft and how wonderful it was to fly on. My last night on the Tristar was between Maui and San Diego with a charter airline. I miss the beast.
Karter Hickling
Now plane spotting at Toronto Pearson (CYYZ) can be a bit repetitive. A320s, CRJs and Boeing twin jets all day. You just have to wait for the one A380 that comes in a few days a week.
Nice. My first commercial flight was on an Eastern L-1011 from KPHL to San Juan edging the "Bermuda traingle". The "Whisperjet" tag was quite appropriate as I lived under the 27R KPHL approach and the L-1011 was significantly more quite than others.
What I also find interesting about this photo is that there are THREE wide-body tri-jets in the frame. I'm guessing that's a Continental DC-10 which is following the Air Canada L1011 and what appears to be a TWA L1011 in the distance. In my opinion, this is a super-cool retro pic.
Alberto d´Huicque
Que hermosura de avion. Beautiful.-


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