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Lockheed L-1011 TriStar (N304EA)


KLAS - July 25, 1995 - 115 degrees and loads of fun. Rich Intl L-1011 on taxi heading for cooler temperatures - view from the top floor of the parking garage - nice that LAS officials have a nice cover for shade up there. delv new to Eastern Airlines 7/11/1972 and flew several different operators, picked up by Rich Intl Oct 1993. CN: 1005. My Fav UFO fleet over at EG&H in front of the Luxor.


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Kyden Hunte
Nice pic dude
ian mcdonell
Great photo and history thanks
Tom VancePhoto Uploader
Thank you Kyden and Ian, I appreciate that!
Dave Sheehy
5 Tristars, Tom! Excellent pic.
Tom VancePhoto Uploader
Thanks Dave - fun days - I'm still surprised no one has called the airline left of the America West 747 with the white tail and logo!
Hi Tom, the Tajik Air 747SP tail? I worked at LAS when this picture was taken. Great memories and nice pic!
Tom VancePhoto Uploader
Biscayne738-------LOL..good timing! and how in the "H" do you work on that tarmac in 115 degrees?
Great pic. JANET fleet in the background.
Nice. RR engines on the Tri-Star, looked like a Yamaha starting up.
Kevin Popeck
Pretty cool to see all of those Janet 73's on the west side of the tarmac, even though we really don't see any Janet planes ;)
marylou anderson
Last time I was on one of these big things, I was coming back from HNL to SFO (TWA)
Lucius Gravely
I rode jumpseat as a controller. Greatest jumpseat I have ever been in! Fabulous view from just above the pilot's shoulders. Large picture window. Irreverently referred to as "Swamp Buggy" by controllers in the day, it was, nevertheless, a fine aircraft--sorry to see them disappear.
Mike Bourgeois
Departed Montego Bay on a Rich International L-1011 back in the winter of 1997, when the right engine turbine blades became falling debris for the horrified beach goers down below. Very uneventful to myself who considered my recent private pilot license made me an expert on airplanes...most of my fellow passengers felt otherwise. Had to wait 6 hours back in Montego Bay for another Rich International L-1011 to take us back to KORD.
I too was working at LAS in 95 and remember vividly looking out at T-2 and the boneyard in the distance. Thanks for the memories.
Great shot!Great memories too!

My wife and I stayed at the Luxor about a week prior to this photo being made. I had just gotten home from a long deployment in the Middle East with the USAF. When we checked in, the lady at the desk was going to put us on the "quiet" side of the hotel facing the freeway. I quickly spoke up and said "No, we want to be on the AIRPORT side!" I don't know how many rolls of film I shot, all of those parked 747's and DC-10's. Plus my scanner listening to all the Janet 737's coming and going.

Best trip to Vegas EVER! Thanks for helping me relive those memories!
Tom VancePhoto Uploader
Awesome comments by all. Thank you. I just returned from the SFO Airline Collectible Show over last 9/29 weekend and nice to see the comments. Rich Intl had a presence at SFO back then and I'll have to find my videos of Rich L-1011s at SFO and post them to my YT page.... yes they were smoky start ups L-1011s.., and most that I remember the Rich L-10s were mostly all white and lettering back then.
N304EA için 1998 yılına kadar geri giden tam geçmiş araması ister misiniz? Hemen satın al. Bir saat içinde gelsin.
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