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Boeing Goshawk — - Shot while waiting for the Blue Angels to perform at Naval Air Facility El Centro.
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Boeing Goshawk —


Shot while waiting for the Blue Angels to perform at Naval Air Facility El Centro.


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Nice shot, Dave!
All of the T-45 Goshawks showing an "A" tailcode are from NAS Meridian, McCain Field, located north of Meridian, Mississippi.

The closest Goshawk is a T-45C, BuNo. 165631, assigned to Training Squadron Nine (VT-9 Tigers) of Training Air Wing One (TW-1).

Joe Baugher's published information regarding U.S. Navy aircraft relates this about BuNo. 165631...

"165631 (VT-9) overran runway at NAS North Island May 22, 2015. Pilot ejected and aircraft went into San Diego Bay".
Alan Hume
Thanks Cliff731! A rare font of knowledge! If that's the case, when was this shot taken and why is it only being posted now, some 2 years plus down the track? And when you say "[The]Pilot ejected and aircraft went into San Diego Bay" what about the second seat? Was there no-one in it?
Alan, you are welcome! This aircraft had only a single pilot onboard with the back seat empty at the time of that runway excursion.

More on this incident and aircraft hull loss here...


I am unable to comment on your question regarding why such a delay on the posting of the photo, but I wondered about the same too. Perhaps the uploader will chime in and respond.
Dave KnappPhoto Uploader
Thanks Cliff for the info. Very interesting!

This picture was taken back in February 2007 while attending the Navy leagues Desert Blue Angel Event fundraiser. I have just fairly recently started using Photoshop and uploading some pictures I have taken to the internet. I came across some pictures I had taken at this event and decided to post it.

I didn't know the Goshawk that went of the end of the runway was included in the picture. I remember watching the recovery of that particular plane on a web came on the Sundiegolive web site.

Interesting side note. I also have a short video of one throwing an engine part through the top of the plane when the student was starting it up.
Great shot AND better side notes.
If airplanes could speak! There would be some embarrassed pilots, myself included.
Dave... You are welcome and thanks for the shared information regarding when this photo was captured... and those other details too! I am looking forward to enjoying the viewing of more of your excellent aircraft photos!


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