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Boeing 727-200


Time for me to post another "oldie" shot. Sorry about the less-than-premier quality, but this half-century-old print is really in rough condition. Using PS Elements, I was able to heal most of the blemishes and scars and to resurrect the color a bit too.
This one, a scan of a Kodak 620 film print clicked with a Kodak Bulleye camera, was taken 49 years ago. This view, from the old control tower at what was known back in 1968 as Greater Buffalo International (now KBUF - Buffalo Niagara International) shows an American B707 at Gate 10, an Eastern B727 at Gate 9, and an American L-188 Electra at Gate 7. In order to accommodate larger jet aircraft, runway 5-23 had been lengthened earlier in the 60s.


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Eastern's service to Buffalo in 1968 consisted of a daily round-trip Miami-Buffalo-Toronto-Buffalo-Miami run. Although Eastern had inaugurated the route using Lockheed Electra equipment, by the time this photo was snapped EAL had replaced the L-188s with 727 equipment on the route.
Greg Byington
Jose Lauzardo
So nice to see photos like this again!!
Dave Sheehy
Outstanding historical addition to the FA archives Gary. No apologies necessary for the quality and thanks for bringing it back to life and sharing. Did the letters on the S duct say whisperjet?
sam kuminecz
Great photo of my home airport. Thanks for sharing Gary! 5 stars
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Greg, Jose, Dave, and Sam >> Hi and Thanks.
Dave >> It does indeed say "Whisperjet." And as you know, the name was accurate ... for passengers ON it. Compared to the propliners of that era, all tail-mounted models (727s, 111s, Tridents, VC-10s, etc., etc.) were way more quiet inside. But I always enjoyed flying in the old propliners; the noise was part of the thrill, especially when they did the run-ups prior to takeoff. (Big smile)
Jose .. I'm glad you enjoyed seeing this one. The worn out "oldie" pics in my folder were clicked back in the days when the only factor that deterred an aviation photographer was the cost of film. I was 17 when I snapped this ... and I was up in the control tower. All it took to go up there was to pick up the phone in the main terminal and ask. So long as there wasn't any type of emergency, anyone could go up and hang out for awhile. Same at the gates ... wait for an arrival to park and for the passengers to get off, then ask to go out, walk thru it, check out the cockpit, snap a pic or two. And when you were out at the end of the runways, just go and sit a few feet away from the end. No fences around the perimeter. Security would drive by and caution you not to go out ON the runway or taxiway ... but they never made you leave. Best of times.


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