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McDonnell Douglas MD-88 (N909DE) - Blasting off to ATL, the 88s are back at RDU! Love my Mad Dogs.  We still have them for a little while longer.  From the RDU parking deck, 12/28/19.
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McDonnell Douglas MD-88 (N909DE)


Blasting off to ATL, the 88s are back at RDU! Love my Mad Dogs. We still have them for a little while longer. From the RDU parking deck, 12/28/19.


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Beautiful photo!
Savannah FordPhoto Uploader
Thanks! :D
Adran Blundell
Great work. What a shot !
Savannah FordPhoto Uploader
Gracias! The morning on the parking deck at RDU, with departures on 23R, is by far one of the best times for photography at any airport. I'm not exaggerating. It's beautiful.
Michael Wulfsohn
Nice pic! Endangered species...
Andre Blanchard
Wonderful shot of a classic jet!
Beautiful, not the time for a misfire.
Anabela Simões
Rocket ship!! Great photo.
Jack White
Come on guys ... this is the WORST attempt at a Photoshopped image yet. Look at the area just in front of the nosecone and then again behind the pilot's cabin. You can still see part of the original image that this image was plucked from. The image hacker forgot to trim it off off before overlaying it on the new scenery. Maybe someone will have the good taste to remove this. Junk like this should not be a part of this otherwise great forum.
Lonnie Penner
@Jack White. I have to disagree with you. Click on full and zoom in to the photo. In the image, beyond the flight deck, are buildings partially hidden by trees. Also, other photos from this same angle show the same background. And if i were spending that much time to edit a photo i would definitely replace the ‘brown’ trees with some nice lush green ones(just saying). Nice photo 5*
Gary Schenauer
Howdy, Jack. I can appreciate your concern that there are contributors who create "cut and paste" pictures, but Savannah is not one of those folks. Lonnie's observations are absolutely correct. By viewing the full size copy of this shot instead of the thumbnails, the background is fully discernible. There is no clip and paste here. This same background scenery, including the structures seen here, appears in RDU photos taken by other contributors (Dan Bishop, Evan Waldron) over a period of years as well as in other pics posted by Ms. Ford. Plus, I've been viewing her posts for over three years now and I assure you that she has no reason to create bogus photos .... her photo skills are excellent and proven. This is simply her newest 5* post. Best Wishes in this new year to you Jack. And also to Lonnie and Savannah.
Savannah FordPhoto Uploader
Hiya Jack! I hate to disappoint you, but my Photoshop skills (or lack thereof) are such that I’d never be able to pull such a caper off. But thanks for the compliment, tho’.
Savannah FordPhoto Uploader
P.S. - Happy New Year, Gary! Hoping life's treating you well. Thank you for supporting up and coming photogs, even those of us who are still getting our sea legs.
marylou anderson
Your long lens makes it look like the aircraft's aft portions are dragging the dirt!
Savannah FordPhoto Uploader
Marylou - we have a gigantic dirtpile next to the runway, and it makes all the planes look like they're offroading... it's awesome.
superb! many thnks. Sad to see the Madd Dogg retired after all the years of fine service it gave.
Savannah FordPhoto Uploader
She’s irreplaceable, that’s for sure.
Sad to see all those window shades closed. Most beautiful plane in the skies!
N909DE için 1998 yılına kadar geri giden tam geçmiş araması ister misiniz? Hemen satın al. Bir saat içinde gelsin.
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