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Søren Janson
That may just be the most beautiful picture of a B-17 that I have ever seen.
Great shot !!
Alan Brown
Fantastic shot, even with telephoto! B-17s are still one of the most beautiful planes in the sky.
A.Levent Bekdik
Real beauty and very nice shot. Thank you for sharing.
Great shot !!!
gwapo santa
nice one 8888
I worked and flew on Texas Raiders a few years ago. I got too old to do that anymore. These folks are always looking for volunteers. The bird is hangared at the municipal airport near Conroe, TX.
Dennis Kwiecien
She is in winter maintenance now.
Working hard to get ready for this years mission s

Going to Summer Fun
Linda Nitzschke
Reminds me of Fred Derry (played by Dana Andrews), in one of my all-time favorite movies, "The Best Years Of Our Lives."
David Solarsick
The Collings Foundation also has a B-17 on it's an annual “Wings of Freedom” tour around the USA.
If you are near one of the stops, it’s a great show to see. Particularly noteworthy is the fact that they have one of only two B-24 Liberators still flying today. There were over16,000 produced for the war effort. And they are certified for passenger carry. So if you want give yourself or someone special a real treat and an opportunity to see a remarkable piece of history. Go to one of these tour stops and at least take the walk through tour of the warbirds. And maybe even take a 30 minute ride.
marylou anderson
wow! Great shot of an oldie but goodie!
serge LOTH
Nice OLD lady... great picture.. I flew on the "Pink Lady"
Leon Artac
WOW baby!!
Dave Jones
I wonder how many people died because of this airplane?

At the beginning of WWII the instructions were, take off and fly 6 hours east, drop bombs, come home. Many, many cows were killed. Then my father and others developed RADAR to direct the bombers to targets. Many, many people now died.

That haunted my father for the rest of his long life.

He was also the main reason we have microwave ovens. He used to keep his tea warm by placing it next to the working antennas. He died with many forms of cancer.


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