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Boeing MD-11 (N601FE)
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Boeing MD-11 (N601FE)



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Rick Hoffman
Nice photo ! You just don't see a DC10 everyday !
David Plummer
Nice capture. I know the tech has been around for years, but I still have a fascination with winglets like is seen here on the MD-11.
Chris Croft
Why does no one point out the obvious. This is a McDonnell Douglas aircraft. Saying it's a Boeing is like calling a Ford Mustang a Chevy
Gary Schenauer
iffmode4 commented "Why does no one point out the obvious. This is a McDonnell Douglas aircraft. Saying it's a Boeing is like calling a Ford Mustang a Chevy"
@ iffmode4 .... I see that this is not the first time you have recently commented about this issue under a contributor's picture of an MD-11. (Ref. "ae6db's recent post of an MD-11 at LAX where you made a similar comment.) So to save you future frustrations, let me explain....
The reason no one is bothering to "point out the obvious" is because everyone except new folks such as yourself already knows there is nothing anyone can do about it. When the aircraft type "MD11' is entered in the appropriate box, the title "BOEING MD-11" auto-appears. It has been that way for eons, and dozens of FA viewers have repeatedly contacted FA to no avail. Since you are a new member to FA, you could not have known this. But don't hold Zdenek to be at fault. He's been a member for at least a decade and he (as have most of us) has learned that banging his head against FA's brick wall merely results in getting a headache. Also, while I'm here, I guess I'll forewarn you that there are many, many, MANY other instances here on FA where a correct aircraft type will be entered and an inaccurate heading auto-appears. I have never met Mr. Bubak but I assure you he can do absolutely nothing about the title. My advice ... just enjoy viewing his excellent photos and as for the inaccurate heading, just shrug it off as the many thousands of us already do.
If 100% accuracy is tres important to you, you are viewing the wrong site. Even some of the photos that get posted here are merely plastic models. (Grin and a Wave)
Peter Sayers
The obvious is, this is a nice shot. We all know what the type is an MD-11.
Chris Croft
Geez Gary, I didn't realize my posts were being so scrutinized. I'm sure FA appreciates you monitoring "newcomers" comments and rubbing their noses in their lack of knowledge about the discrepancies on FA. A simple sentence of explanation and a hearty 'welcome aboard" to the FA forum would have been much more appreciated.
Gary Schenauer
You asked a question; I answered it. Naturally, I read your comments. Isn't that why you post them, for us to read? And no way was I rubbing your nose in any manner, I even said that because you were new you "could not have known this." Do you automatically seek the most negative interpretation of anything anyone says to you? Let me apologize for insulting you. I am sorry. And be assured that in the future, I most assuredly will not scrutinize anything you say. For all to read ... I apologize to iffmode4 for whatever I said that insulted him.
John Giambone
Sweet golden hour light. Nice capture. N601FE is MD-11 Line #1. The original/first MD-11 Built for those who may not know.
N601FE için 1998 yılına kadar geri giden tam geçmiş araması ister misiniz? Hemen satın al. Bir saat içinde gelsin.
Tarih Uçak Kalkış Yeri Varış Yeri Kalkış Varış Süre
11-Haz-2021 MD11Indianapolis Intl ()Cologne Bonn () 07:26 EDT 21:05 CEST 7:38
10-Haz-2021 MD11Dallas-Fort Worth Intl ()Indianapolis Intl () 22:45 CDT 01:20 EDT (+1) 1:35
10-Haz-2021 MD11Memphis Intl ()Dallas-Fort Worth Intl () 16:50 CDT 17:53 CDT 1:03
10-Haz-2021 MD11Dallas-Fort Worth Intl ()Memphis Intl () 07:50 CDT 08:51 CDT 1:00
10-Haz-2021 MD11Indianapolis Intl ()Dallas-Fort Worth Intl () 04:43 EDT 05:23 CDT 1:39
09-Haz-2021 MD11John F Kennedy Intl ()Indianapolis Intl () 23:25 EDT 00:50 EDT (+1) 1:24
09-Haz-2021 MD11Memphis Intl ()John F Kennedy Intl () 17:53 CDT 21:18 EDT 2:25
09-Haz-2021 MD11Tampa Intl ()Memphis Intl () 09:18 EDT 09:48 CDT 1:29
09-Haz-2021 MD11Memphis Intl ()Tampa Intl () 04:26 CDT 06:45 EDT 1:19
08-Haz-2021 MD11Miami Intl ()Memphis Intl () 21:13 EDT 22:08 CDT 1:54
08-Haz-2021 MD11Memphis Intl ()Miami Intl () 16:10 CDT 18:59 EDT 1:48
08-Haz-2021 MD11Metro Oakland Intl ()Memphis Intl () 06:14 PDT 11:37 CDT 3:23
05-Haz-2021 MD11Memphis Intl ()Metro Oakland Intl () 16:13 CDT 17:41 PDT 3:28
05-Haz-2021 MD11Seattle-Tacoma Intl ()Memphis Intl () 05:58 PDT 11:39 CDT 3:40
05-Haz-2021 MD11Metro Oakland Intl ()Seattle-Tacoma Intl () 02:32 PDT 04:03 PDT 1:30
04-Haz-2021 MD11Memphis Intl ()Metro Oakland Intl () 17:22 CDT 18:51 PDT 3:29
04-Haz-2021 MD11Portland Intl ()Memphis Intl () 06:45 PDT 12:26 CDT 3:40
03-Haz-2021 MD11Memphis Intl ()Portland Intl () 15:23 CDT 17:07 PDT 3:44
02-Haz-2021 MD11Los Angeles Intl ()Memphis Intl () 19:48 PDT 00:57 CDT (+1) 3:09
02-Haz-2021 MD11Memphis Intl ()Los Angeles Intl () 16:17 CDT 17:29 PDT 3:12
02-Haz-2021 MD11Dallas-Fort Worth Intl ()Memphis Intl () 07:59 CDT 09:04 CDT 1:04
02-Haz-2021 MD11Indianapolis Intl ()Dallas-Fort Worth Intl () 05:06 EDT 05:54 CDT 1:47
01-Haz-2021 MD11Anchorage Intl ()Indianapolis Intl () 16:30 AKDT 01:46 EDT (+1) 5:16
01-Haz-2021 MD11Metro Oakland Intl ()Anchorage Intl () 02:37 PDT 05:27 AKDT 3:49
01-Haz-2021 MD11Kansai Int'l ()Metro Oakland Intl () 04:50 JST 22:07 PDT (-1) 9:17
31-May-2021 MD11Taiwan Taoyuan Int'l ()Kansai Int'l () 23:38 CST 02:35 JST (+1) 1:57
31-May-2021 MD11Narita Int'l ()Taiwan Taoyuan Int'l () 14:58 JST 17:04 CST 3:06
31-May-2021 MD11Guangzhou Baiyun Int'l ()Narita Int'l () 04:39 CST 09:05 JST 3:26
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