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Boeing 747-200 (92-9000)


92-9000 operating as 28 heavy on Saturday October 20, 2018. Aircraft was at Sky Harbor along with The 757, which was acting as AF1. The other 747 was parked at Mesa gateway airport. The 757 (acting as AF1) departed at 9:30 AM with the 747 (92-9000) about 30 minutes behind.


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marylou anderson
wow. Bet the Secret Service is REAL happy anyone can take pics of this giant bird from your vantage point. Doesn't seem too secure?
Zach Street
Is this Sky Harbor in Phoenix
JAKE YOUNGSPhoto Uploader
Yes, this is at KPHX. Secret service was kicking people off of the very top level of the parking garage, but they really didn't care about anyone on levels below.
Martin Coddington
Very confusing commentary. AF1 is not a specific aircraft. It is a radio call sign used by an aircraft carrying the President, ANY AIRCRAFT. AF2 is the radio call sign used by an aircraft carrying the V.P., ANY AIRCRAFT.
Sky Harbor for sure, as our POTUS likely takes the option to "Cross the Street".
With at least 60 flights in/out of PHX, I've only once had the experience of crossing the street to get to SW Terminal C.
Note also below that there is no record of the AF-1 or 2 flights.
That would be cool to see on these underutilized aircraft.
I doubt either aircraft have even 5,000 hours!
Also wonder if they were re-engined or just had the cowling mods update, etc.
David Plummer
I see that my comments are quite removed, but I suspect these aircraft have more hours than we would probably expect. Do they have the hours of commercial aircraft, no. But, these birds have been in service since 1990. And, when traveling outside the USA, it is not unheard of for the other aircraft to shadow the President's travels. They are beautiful planes though and love seeing them visit my hometown.


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