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— — - Connie USN arriving McMurdo Sound from Christchurch, NZ Operation Deep Freeze 1958-59
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Connie USN arriving McMurdo Sound from Christchurch, NZ Operation Deep Freeze 1958-59


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What an incredibly atmospheric shot!
I can also feel the cold. Beautiful polished fuselage of the Connie!
Roy Hunte
TWA55Photo Uploader
I was pretty young when my dad went there and his photos are really historic in nature, it got to -99 at McMurdo while he was there.
William Baldwin
Lovely photo...
Edward Hopgood
Remember these very well at ChristChurch airport great photo
ian mcdonell
another amazing shot - thanks
Doug Cook
Is that black colored topside for solar heating, in extreme cold climes?
Karl Scribner
Ryan Hodges
Totally awesome. Thanks for the great photo.
James Hartle
There may be bigger airplanes and faster planes but there is only one Connie and she is the best looking of the bunch.
marylou anderson
Thanks for this
Ronald McCullough
I was an inside "Aeronautical Engineer" (Cleaner)in 1955 at Eastern Airlines, Miami, Florida. Spent lots of time cleaning the cockpit when the lead man would let me. Went on to get my licence. Still the best looking aircraft in the sky.
Greg Zelna
What a Beaut ! My Dad Flew that Exact plane (the Phoenix 6, 131624) on two 6 month deployments to McMurdo (out of Christchurch, NZ) supporting Operation Deep Freeze with the VXE-6 squadron..... The sister ship to Phoenix 6 - the Pegasus crash landed there in whiteout conditions and was scuttled. Fortunately w/o significant injuries. Other than the fact the weather was so bad it took as I recall the story- a couple hours to find the downed plane... When he flew it (approx 1970), it was repainted in a sort of Grey-ish fuselage (where this one is polished AL) and the upper section was white, the tails were Red.
Beautiful shot! Curious as to why the #3 is shut down.
TWA55Photo Uploader
I can tell you that heaters were hooked up immediately after shut down to prevent freezing of fluids, this may be the reason.I will upload a few more photos soon for all those Puckered Penguins out there.
Alvaro Molina
linda foto
Andrew Wilson
My dad flew the US Air Force variant, the RC-121D. The Connie, every variation, will always have a special place in my heart for that reason.
flew out of McMurdo to Christchurch 1968 on one of two US Navy Connie VX-6
Will Lewis
I was a gunner on one of these in WWI. Those Krauts in the trenches didn't know what kit 'em.
a mentor
@Will; HUH?? The Connie was a'50s aircraft! So participation in WWI would be impossible.
Mark Weiser
Incredible, I watched TWA fly in and out of BUF with DC-6, and an occasional Connie, an impressive sight to be sure, thanks for sharing!
Robert Tinsley


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