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North American Super Sabre (N2011V) - F100F super sabre
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North American Super Sabre (N2011V)


F100F super sabre


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Jack LahrmanPhoto Uploader
Hi Jack Lahrman would like to know who put that up there and how to get it down and i'm new at this need some help at this thanks
Hi Jack, if you want to delete it you can send an email to Flight Aware support and ask;


Its actually a pretty cool shot, I like it!
This is a awsome picture jack you should keep it
Gary Schenauer
I agree with Dave and USAF ... it is a neat pic. But if you are the person who posted it and if you want it deleted, just click on the blue word "Report" (which is right below your comment) and ask them to delete it. Takes about ten seconds or so. If you posted it, they'll delete it no questions asked. If you aren't the person who posted it, you'll need to provide an explanation why you want it deleted. If you are claiming it is a stolen photo, you'll need to provide proof (ie: a link to the original post, etc.).
ian mcdonell
Hi Jack - did you mean the Fokker 100 designation - if so the auto system read F100 as Fokker 100 not what you wanted

Bring the pic up and remove the designation completely - leave it blank and someone will tell you the correct one
sam kuminecz
ICAO code for the F-100 super sabre is SSAB
Terry Wright
The stuff of my boyhood, I remember making a Airfix model of this, and its forerunner the Sabre, back in the fifties.....ah dreams in my mind the loveliest? jet fighter ever made along with our, the Uk's, Hawker Hunter.
Joseph Cotter
The Indiana ANG flew F-100s in the late '70s out of Terra Haute, IN. Full afterburner on takeoff was very impressive and loud. Miss those days.
Chuck Pergiel
KFWA maybe?
gwapo santa
nice foto
Doug Lewis
Can someone tell me why all the panels are off and what is that next to the tail that is green. Without blowing up the photo, it looks like someone left a bunch of flight gear up there. Zooming in, I can't make out what it is. Also, it says US Air Force, but what are the colored ribbons and tail paint referring to? Thanks.
sam kuminecz
Doug, Jet warbirds take ALOT of maintenance, about 20 hours of maintenance for every 1 hour of flight.
The panels are off for an engine run and systems check, the green is the actual structure of the Tail assembly, with the panels removed,

the aircraft is a 1958 built F-100F-15-NA 56-3948 Cn 243-224 Code FW-948

the buzz number FW-948 seems to be ficticious however, 56-3948 never carried FW

Jack LahrmanPhoto Uploader
150 hr.inspection the plane was completely tore down. They ran it up to full power. This is the hot street burn before the afterburner is lit . New at photographing airplanes hop this is right.Yes they put the panels back on before the first flight.
ken kemper
Spectacular Photo Jack........
N2011V için 1998 yılına kadar geri giden tam geçmiş araması ister misiniz? Hemen satın al. Bir saat içinde gelsin.
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