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North American F-86 Sabre (NX86FR) - A beautiful example of the F-86. This is one of my all time favorite aircraft, and I was blessed to get a shot of it on a clear sunny day . Thank you all who have given this image a vote.
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North American F-86 Sabre (NX86FR)


A beautiful example of the F-86. This is one of my all time favorite aircraft, and I was blessed to get a shot of it on a clear sunny day . Thank you all who have given this image a vote.


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Alan Brown
Great photo! I have a friend who used to work on these aircraft in the 50's so I would like to make a copy of this photo for him.
gwapo santa
I remember these age 10 RAF linton on ouse
So Frickin loud
serge LOTH
One of the most good looking Jet Fighter ever built at my opinion .. I have a friend who have one in France .for Airshows..by the way the only one.. In years fifties and beginning sixtuies;. they were composed our 13 th Fighter Sqdn in COLMAR AFB ALSACE FRANCE
allan milnes
In 67 or 68 I was hitch-hiking out of Brussels Belgium and a truck loaded with F-86 Sabres went past (heading for scrap). That would have been a lift to remember.
John mcGeoghan
Hey Allan - Heading for scrap? Couldn’t they have been sold to friendly developing countries?
Brad Wong
Agree with others probably the most beautiful fighter ever built, my all time favorite followed by the spitfire and P40
Karl Riggle
Was crew chief on 53-1147 Squadron comdrs. a/c at Chambley France 1956-7 All of our a/c were sent to Spain in late '57 because DeGaul ordered all USAF out of France....Spain used them for several yrs. (OUR SQUADRON WAS THE : 531st FBS)..It was the fastest a/c in our squadron per Lt.Colonel Edwards, ...
Still have good memories from those by-gone days
David Mursch
Colorado Air National Guard had a flight demonstration team using F-86's in the 1950's. Saw them perform at Wright-Patterson airshow about 1956. While doing a bomb burst maneuver, one failed to recover from the dive and crashed. I saw the canopy depart the cockpit but the pilot didn't eject. Later investigation revealed cause was a tool lodged in the control stick channel jamming the stick forward. The F-86 had one bad habit all pilots were briefed about. When ejecting, they had to bend forward as the canopy dished down as it departed. Investigators discovered the pilot involved had had problems with that issue in training. They believe the pilot was knocked unconscious by the canopy as it departed. The pilot was unable to complete the ejection sequence. Sad ending to a great airshow. PS, in those days it was common for airshows to have live ordinance demonstrations. I remember Mustangs shooting targets with live 50 Cal and other aircraft dropping small bombs on the same across the main runway at Lowrey AFB, Denver about 1952. ROKAF did live ammo demonstrations in the Han Gang River in 1966, using F-86's as front line fighters. You can imagine the controversy if any of that was done today.
As a kid in the 1950's my balsa wood airplanes were modeled after the F86.
Michael Winblad
I believe I was witness to the crash Dave Mursch mentioned.The Saber pulled up over the top of my house as the wings, engine, canopy and seat departed the aircraft. The pilot was later found in a field east of Tipp City, Ohio still strapped in to his seat. Shocking day for a 12 year old boy.
Doug Cook
Our late 1950's/60's family outings included excursions to our Ft. Wayne airport, to view the coming and going DC-3's and even Connies. It was the age when one could go out on the tarmac next to the chain link and be very close to the action. The 2nd floor restaurant was quite good, and we'd enjoy dinner there with a table against the glass. On a good day the National Guard fighters would scream by. One day we witnessed a Sabre overshoot the runway and smash thru a small airfield red and white striped building, yikes!
serge LOTH
@Karl Riggle: sorry for that, I go sometimes for meetings in Chambley... still active.. A/D. Best regards..
The best thing about this F-86 Sabre is the above comments and recollections it generated.
Thanks to all of the commenters for a trip back in time!
Just awesome guys!!!!
NX86FR için 1998 yılına kadar geri giden tam geçmiş araması ister misiniz? Hemen satın al. Bir saat içinde gelsin.
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