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Northrop Spirit — - taken in central Minnesota I had to convert the photo to black and white because of how grainy the shot looked after cropping it.
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Northrop Spirit —


taken in central Minnesota I had to convert the photo to black and white because of how grainy the shot looked after cropping it.


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Greg Byington
Nice catch!
Now that's a GREAT catch!
Eric Shepherd
A W E S O M E ! ! !
Looking at the contrails from this angle. If you weren't looking to hard at it, you would think it is an airliner with 4 engines.
Ronnie B.
Cool photo.
Those have a strange sound when they fly over.
I love it!
Paul Wisgerhof
KC-135 refueling a B-2. Note that all of the contrails are coming from the KC-135 and none from the B-2.
Dwight Hartje
Awesome catch!
David Mortimer
Brian - you were well prepared! Excellent!!
Re: Paul Wisgerhof - very good observation, only KC-135 laying down a contrail.
Brian EllingPhoto Uploader
It pays to look up sometimes. My neighbors must be thinking I am crazy, because I am outside the garage looking up at "nothing" with a camera a lot.
JJ Tyson
Unique shot, good job. What camera and telephoto lense was used?
Also, shout out to wisgerhof on a good observation.
BIG LIKE! Congrats on that! This is not something you see every day (or every year.. for that matter)!
Loyd Enochs
Bravo! Well done.
Ray Smith
Great shot
"The reason I pulled you over is because you have a tail-light out."
Bror Monberg
Great shot. Thx for sharing. Wonder where the B2 was heading.
Wow, Great shot thanks for sharing it with us !
Mike Porcari
Andrew Stricker
Awesome catch.
Rich Myers
quite the contrast in technology.... 1940's flying wing and 50's airframe...
Mark Henley
Mr. Wisgerhof's observation is a good one; one additional cue to look for a "hole in the sky", and what may have clued Mr. Elling to zoom in, is the uneven formation of the contrails. Since the B-2's refueling receptacle is centered on the fuselage, it looks like the B-2 is still slightly left of the track, and its exhaust is warming the air enough to delay formation of the contrail from tanker's number one engine....
Martin Ward
zennermd.......it is an airliner with 4 engines...lol.
Mike Rsx
Lovely shot Brian Congrats.
Im forever looking up at nothing !!!
Chris Collinsworth
Great catch....
Nate Tobik
Nice catch


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