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A Blue Origin astronaut who flew on a Blue Origin rocket with William Shatner has died in a New Jersey plane crash.

Glenn M. de Vries, 49, and Thomas P. Fischer, 54, died when a single-engine Cessna 172 crashed on Thursday in Hampton Township. ( More...

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lynx318 2
As sad as this is, still got to ask, were they wearing red shirts?
myrton smith 1
RIP dear friends.
See you on the other side.
Dave Mathes 3
...I found it so sad that everything about that flight had "Shatner" attached to it...that said, Glenn did touch the stars, rest easy...
oh my! how very mr devries..
John Cotton 1
Flight path:
srobak 2
looks like he stalled it and then it crashed at 6200 ft without any descent over the course of 2 minutes, despite loss of airspeed over those 2 minutes. that doesn't make any sense.
EMK69 4
RIP May the Stars welcome you home.


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