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Spitfire crash landing closes East Midlands Airport runway

Dozens of passengers faced delays today after a Spitfire crashed on a runway of one of Britain's biggest airports - unclear yet whether too damaged to regain flight capability. ( Daha Fazlası...

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linbb 2
Always like the newspaper take, unknown if it will affect any other vintage aircraft. Gee lets see, hmm what does that have to do with others? Nothing. Gear just collapsed due to a part failure. Seems that we have had airliners do that as of recent times. Hmm.
Peter Douglas 2
I really get pee'd off at sensationalism journalese. And Boyd, you missed the bit about the front wheel support collapsing! And the 'plane-spotter' who didn't notice a Spitfire in the circuit (if there was a Spitfire where I spectate, every eye would be on it - best sound ever is a Merlin at full throttle!)

The photo shows most of the prop has been sheared off, but they obviously got it back to rolling status again fairly quickly, so damage was probably not enough to render it un-fixable.

Not to worry, anyway, as there are lots more spitfires being dug up this year - literally!


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