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G650 on a long 10-hr flight to no-where . . .

It's not every day you see a flight overfly SEA, SFO, LAX, PHX, SLC, ABQ, and DEN all in one flight. Sorry, this one doesn't spell-out anything. Come on Gulfstrea; get creative next time :) ( Daha Fazlası...

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Before the new aircraft is delivered to a new owner, they do what's called a "cold soak" flight, that sometimes is combined with the acceptance flight.
Most of the times, those are 4 to 6 hours flights.
Sometimes, depending on the customer, they ask for a longer flight.
We just did ours last month and it was over 9 hours in a 550. Starting in SAV, going all the way to the west coast, up to ORD, then back to SAV.
This is the opportunity to check all the systems, in the cockpit, galley and cabin.
Also, it's filled this way, so if there is any problem, the airplane is close to LGB, ATW or SAV (mfg facilities).
Thanks for the scoop Elton. I hadn't heard about this before - very cool.
martin adams 3
I think the point trying to be made was that Gulfstream didnt create any cool 'drawing' with their flight track. In the past, Boeing has done some cool ones.
aoehlers 3
would love to see an example of Boeing's if you happen to have one saved.
martin adams 9 which was done for the superbowl

and showing the 787 during its test

and showing the 747-8 test flight
Brien Godfrey 2
And we won big time
Chris B -1
I question the accuracy of those Boeing flights. Images are easy to fake.
martin adams 3
@Chris B, I can assure you of the accuracy of those images. I have been a member of this forum for 4 years now and from time to time, you get to see these 'tracker images' come up. It's good to be skeptical though!
Bryan Swann 2
The Super Bowl Flight . . . .
chris carrick 4
That was a test flight ATW is a main mfg facility
kruzelc 0
Uh, no its not. There is nothing there.
chris carrick 2
I work across from this airport and I know Gulf Stream has a plant there
Neil Kennedy 1
What a brilliant way to waste a day
andre liedtke 1
Evan Popchock 0
very weird, to say the least.


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