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Why are airlines canceling so many flights?

Airlines canceled nearly 1,200 U.S. flights on Sunday and Monday, leaving passengers stranded and luggage piled up at airports across the country. Thousands more trips were scrapped across the globe as the summer travel season kicks off. ( Daha Fazlası...

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avionik99 2
The Airlines need to be severely fined for any flights cancelled due to lack of personnel. They know well in advance that they cannot support the schedule yet they still overbook! That needs to stop! Heavy fines and paying back 5 times the ticket value to disrupted passengers should be a great place to start! This is a completely unacceptable practice by the airlines!
How long do you think airlines would remain in business under your idea?
Let's address the basics of when a crew member calls in stating fatigue or sickness, how do you want to address these issues? You still want to penalize the airline for the action of one person?
The bigger elephant in the room is that there is very few people going into the career fields of aviation.
For years Flight Safety Boeing showed graphs and charts that predicted our current situation. They stated that by 2030 there would be a need for 700,000-plus pilots, along with almost 700,000 maintenance personnel.
So, when your McDonald's is extremely slow, due to staffing, the aviation world is experiencing the same.
The youth of today want to be social media starts or influencers, edm deejays, or youtube stars...they have no concept of the need for actual physical labor.

So calm down, go to a Tech School, earn your Mechanic's license and come help maintain aircraft.
dval18 3
How does getting your Big Mac 3 minutes late compare with canceling a flight??
And if canceling a flight is the consequence of one crew member being unavailable, I believe that makes for a pretty lame business model. Airplanes are built with redundancies and failsafes, why would the airlines not follow a similar course when the human factor is involved?
So, please with your VST KNOWLEDGE of Aviation Regulations, explain how a commercial flight can operate without the required crew on board?
dval18 1
Why would I? Maybe you should ask Mr. Musk.
what has Mr. Musk have to do with FAA and other countries aviation regulations?
linbb -2
Really? This is getting so old over and over again same stuff different day go post on tick tack or some other place.


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