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NASA's SOFIA to Take Final Resting Place at Pima Air and Space Museum

NASA's 747SP is due to take its final resting place at the Pima Air and Space Museum after taking off for the final time. ( More...

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boeingretired 4
I was a Boeing Field Service at SFO when this SP was being prepared for repaint after the mod was completed. Mrs. Charles Lindbergh was scheduled to rechristen the airplane as the original name given by PanAm was Clipper Charles Lindbergh. Everyone wanted the paint to be perfect. I contacted the paint shop at Boeing's Everett factory where this and all other 747s were built. The paint shop was able to advise the actual paint color mix along with the temperature and humidity, plus other details on the day this SP was originally painted. The repaint was beautiful. I was totally impressed with the records and assistance provided by Boeings paint shop. This SP has some unique history. What a marvelous airplane!
Ray Zimmermann 2
Glad to see this. The Pima Air and Space Museum is a national treasure and a fitting final home for this great aircraft
NX211 1
Yay! That's only an hour away from me!
Philip Lanum 1
What are they going to do with the telescope?

Maybe someone has a empty mountain top - anyone?
Adigun Samuel 1
The end of a legacy approaches rapidly as the NASA SOFIA 747SP heads for the museum.


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