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Now that's a sexy 747!!

There are very few things more satisfying than sitting head on to a runway and catching a couple 747s take off hundreds of feet above you. Sexy or not, the site and sound really makes "your knees go weak"! I saved the best for last in the video. ;) By the way, if your TV and computer have HDMI hookup capability, I strongly recommend you watch the video that way; in HD of course! Turn up the sound and enjoy! (www.youtube.com) Daha Fazlası...

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Victor Engel 0
My most memorable 747 sight was the first landing of a 747 in Guatemala City. I think several thousand people were watching. It was spectacular. I remember thinking it seemed impossible for it to fly so slowly.
Awesome video(s), originally being from the Northshore I love Logan and Boston! Thanks for posting =0)
al fredericks 0
never mind sex, what a turn on eippee i ya!
MimosaDrive 0
In the early 1970s I worked for PanAm at their JFK maintenance base shortly after the 747 was introduced. Walking from the office corridor into the hangar bay, you would be looking up at the nose of the 747 and always wonder - HOW does this magnificent, massive, creation get off the ground?
And they are the most graceful aircraft, no wonder they're known as the Queen of the Skies!
Drag0nflamez 0
@MimosaDrive: Very high powered engines combined with lots of tricks from Boeing.

Anyway, nice videos.
Bobby Davis 0
IMHO, the 747 is the Queen of the Skies! This is not to take away from the A-380, the B-777, etc. Both are great airplanes from great manufacturers, no doubt!

When I flew the 747-400 (up until 18 months ago), we were the fastest commercial jet in the skies (MMO-M.92) and our MTOGW was 870,000 pounds. The airplane simply feels like a "B-757 on steroids" when you fly it. It has very responsive flight controls and is as stable as can be.The man-machine interface is really user friendly; more so than the AirBus jets that I flew.(A-320 and A-330 family).

Boeing simply builds an amazing airplane! None more amazing than the "Whale" (classic) or the "Electric Whale" (400 series). I suspect that the new Boeing 747-8 will be an excellent replacement for the existing generation 747-100/400 series aircraft that are operating worldwide as passenger jets and freighters.

"If it ain't Boeing, I ain't going !" :-)
mark tufts 0
even sitting still on the tarmac the boeing 747 is the best and will be the best looking plane ever
al fredericks 0
i agree mark, however i would be happy to place the lockheed "super G constellation" beside it. it also was known as "the queen of the skies"
If you think that is awesome try lying on your back on the beach at St.Martin when a 747-400 of KLM is on final approach. As you look up you could swear that you could reach out and touch the undercarriage as it drops on to the threshold. Paradise beach, it was enough to give an aviation nerd an orgasm!


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