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Russian Jet Flies Wingtip To Wingtip With Reaper Drone Over Syria

Footage released by the Russian Ministry of Defence shows the first official encounter between Russia and the US in Syrian airspace. ( Daha Fazlası...

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joel wiley 13
Didn't see anything wingtip to wingtip. Did that footage end up on electronic equivalent of the cutting room floor?
skylab72 1
I heard the wingtip BS from a news anchor who showed this on TV. Here, I am now going to check if that really is a Reaper...
skylab72 1
Looks like a Reaper. Now props to the Russian pilot, to go as slow as a reaper he was within a hundred knots of his stall speed. He got plenty close...
joel wiley 1
Wonder if the Reaper pilot (wherever he was) was checking for traffic.
sparkie624 1
It certainly did not look that close... We have had drones reported closer to us aircraft here in the US.. A non-news item!
Derek Thomas 2
Gosh, that WAS close, wasn't it?!?!
MrTommy 2
Interesting that the Ruskie was flying near it and broke out his smart phone for a video.

However, "wing tip to wing top" seems to indicate a bit sensationalism, at its best.
carlsonbe 2
In the world of airplanes, they were close. And because the Reaper does not have "see and avoid" capability, the Russian pilot has no idea which way it will turn next. He was wise to keep it above his own aircraft and shoot video through the canopy.
Larry Grimm 1
Wingtip to wingtip, my arse.
David Stark 1
I guess whoever characterized that as "wingtip to wingtip" has never seen an airshow.
Bill Butler 1
Wonder what was happening in the room in Kansas, or where ever this thing was controlled from. Imagine they were squirming a bit. If they knew Tovarisch was there.
Jaime Perez 1
Sensationalist press...This is as close to reality as Orson Wells' War of the worlds... Why dont you post something VERITABLE!
mnrobards 1
I'm sure there has been encounters between Russian and US aircraft that we have yet to hear about.
Tom MacKinnon 1
Russian and American ANYTHING in the same airspace means it"s only a matter of time....
chalet 0
Did not they say that drones were invented to replace manned fighters and thus reduce to zero the exposure of pilot's lives. Well it seems that drones can be detected by enemy radar (airborne and on the ground)and if necessary shotdown very easily if so their usefulness is already compromised.

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honza nl 1
i'm surprised you didn't crash yet


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