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Southwest Airlines issues nationwide ground stop following technical issue with computer systems

Southwest Airlines issued a nationwide ground stop Friday morning, reportedly following a technical issue with its computer systems. Passengers began reporting delayed flights as early as 5:30 a.m. (EST) via Twitter. The airline also responded to many travelers via the social media platform, apologizing for the “inconvenience” and assuring customers the technical team was working to fix the issue. ( Daha Fazlası...

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sharon bias 9
Southwest just can't catch a break this week.
btweston 6
They’ve been killing it lately, eh?
julieort 4
Southwest needs to resolve it's union issues, figure out how much a loaded plane weighs and determine the best practice to maintain the fleet. Have flown on SWA for ten years: now stared booking on other airlines.
Jeffrey Bue 2
Been a rough week for SW
sparkie624 1
Yeah... and another article just out.. Just posted "Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 Smashes Wing in Turbulent, Vomit-Inducing Failed Landing in Connecticut " - Guess they figured they needed some more free Advertisement!
I think it is because Herb recently passed away. RIP Herb
sparkie624 2
Southwest is getting so many free ads this week... FAA, Mechanics, Computer System... Wonder what the next item will be! They couldn't do much better if they started a Soap Opera!
southwest is certainly making a lot of news lately from union issues,to faa discrepancies,to the death of mr kelleher..good and bad news,good and bad passenger reports come with the territory and southwest will survive ...lots of airlines from delta to american to united have had periodic computer issues,and unfortunately,since everything from booking reservations to boarding passes to the acars system are pretty much interconnected,there can be delays,inconvenience and ground is usually worked out fairly quickly as all of the airlines employ really good people to handle the computer systems as well...
Not just Southwest hitting it out of the park lately. My brother attempted to fly American from BOS to TPA, with a layover in PHL. Spent SEVEN HOURS at BOS, and another 2.5 at PHL! The flight home was a bit better, with only a 3 hour layover in CLT.

Cindy Savage 0
At least they are not beating passengers and pulling them off the planes. When the country has only 4 major carriers, the news cycle will rotate though them fairly quickly. The people who are saying "Maintenance issues? Problems with union contracts? I'm leaving!" seem not to remember similar accusations attached to United, AA, and Delta in the last 15 years.


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