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Boeing Considering Selling Seattle Headquarters

Boeing has confirmed that the company is looking at not having a brick and mortar head office at all and embracing the mobility that comes with going to work by flipping up a screen. ( More...

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Greg S 29
Nothing wrong with moving, but it won't change the fact that Boeing ownership has almost destroyed the company with a slew of unforced errors. Unfortunately the owners aren't going to fire themselves.
Ricky Scott 29
Step 2 of Moving out of Washington
Alan Dahl 6
Just to clear things up the plan is to sell the Tukwila "Longacres" campus and move the commercial jet HQ back to the old "Boeing World Headquarters" building on Boeing Field in Seattle that was their corporate headquarters before the Chicago move.
andrew werner 6
Certainly the political climate in Washington state is a factor, but the leadership and decision making at the top of Boeing is likely the root cause of the company's poor performance. They lost focus years ago when they failed to match airbus moves and misread the market. Airbus made mistakes as well but was able to alter course, Boeing on the other hand was slow to react, cut corners and lost focus on the civilian side of manufacturing, which was exactly what happened to McDonald-Douglass and Convair among others. Building aircraft is a very tough business and if you are not at the top of your game you lose, downsize and chase the government/military market.
matt jensen 9
Amazon will buy it when Boeing goes into Chapter 7
Roy Hunte 8
Then Boeing aircraft will appear on Amazon for sale. Then Amazon will truly sell everything. ROFL.
paul gilpin 6
let's go in together for a 787.
you pay the first 99%.
free deliveries on orders over $225,000,000.
paul trubits 1
Amazon already has B to B. So does Walmart
Kevin Keswick 3
Yep or maybe Elon Musk who has a good track record for sending rockets (and Astronauts) into space
lynx318 -1
Then how long before drone jets?
Phil Caron 15
Further proof the Chicago idiots are in panic mode as their bonuses are facing extinction. Another ex-McDonald Douglas executives (if you can call them that) screw up. The company has no back up plan for new aircraft to compete with Airbus. When Airbus takes over Boeing in the not too distant future, hopefully they will get rid of the McDonald Douglas pestilence in Chicago permanently. 100 years of good engineering lost in WA, what a waste.
paul gilpin 4
jmo, butt yours is the comment of the thread.
you came the closest to using the "shareholder" word.
next would be moving boring's HQ to wall street.
Doug Haviland 4
Company spokesperson Jessica Kowal said that whatever is decided, the leadership of Boeing Commercial Airplanes “will remain in the Puget Sound region.”
Now there’s a comforting statement. Or not!
Jeff Smith 4
Thank you Governor Insley.
Roger Anderson 10
The MD exec skidmarks at it again
John Thacker 8
Why would anyone or any company stay in Seattle?
Alan Dahl 4
Its a city that attracts great people from other cities, it has one of the most educated populations in the US, the weather is neither too hot nor too cold, it has great transportation connections with Asia, I could go on and on.

That said as someone who was born here I'd be happier if we weren't so popular, I preferred it when we were little less known.
John Thacker 4
Maybe it attract a new Mayor and new Governor...
ken young 5
Unchecked, the current Marxist/socialist political environment in Seattle will kill that city.
The state of Washington has been over run by tax and spend leftists who have turned that state into one unfriendly to business interests. I think Boeing will eventually move their ops to South Carolina
I wss STUNNED when they opened their "Headquarters" in Chicago (area)...simply made no sense at all. THAT was a giant waste of money.
Alan Dahl 2
Governor is very unlikely, Inslee has it in the bag, but I think the mayor could be in trouble because neither side is really happy with her at the moment. But she's not up for election this year.
ko25701 3
Might as well if Boeing moves everything else out of the state.
DGR Rathborne 3
Boeing in early to mid 2020 , was forced to raise 10 B $ to stave off failure . They burned through the 10 B $ in short order . Now they are selling off property to further stake $ in the Company . It is a truism , that when a company begins selling off its' assets , it is a harbinger of very despite times . When a company starts to feed on its' self , there is a setting in of panic for those in the Know . I put forward , to those who will listen , that Boeing will very soon need financial gaureentess from the US Gov't , if it is to survive . It is not just bleeding from the Max and other civilian Models , but it's hemoraging from the USAF Tanker . It has no sales and the military contracts are Fixed Cost ( KC-46 ) and the 3 b $ fixed cost on 2 747 conversions into Air Force One's will kill the company . There is No Fun in Boeings future ............DGR
WhiteKnight77 3
This could be a good thing. That they are looking world wide to cut costs should be a warning if one looks at it properly. While some believe that using global resources to build everything and anything, one needs to remember that if final assembly of anything is in the US, shipping costs of everything can get expensive shipping via air or ship, verses just across a state via truck or train, or a combination thereof.

It would be cheaper to ship via train a fuselage body from Arizona than from BFE China. There is no need to make expensive modifications to aircraft to fly small sections of said fuselage back to the US. Closing warehouses and offices in far flung reaches of the planet and save money by doing such in-house.
Tim Danaher 1
Boeing gets such a discount in shipping you would not believe the numbers! Not to mention that I am sure they figure out some way to get someone else to pay for it..
Willis Apple 5
...and welcome to the first of many corporate taxpayers who WILL abandon Seattle fir, shall we say, a”more tranquil location” than besieged Seattle! Now THAT’S the new reality, not working from home!
Next step is move production to Mexico and reduce production cost by 30% and increase executive compensation accordingly.
RECOR10 -5
Faster if Biden (god forbid) is elected
Excellent, get away from that communist kleptocracy.
canuck44 4
For the first time they might just have seen the writing on the wall. High taxes, regulation, and failure to protect facilities from the Snowflakes and anarchists.

Next to go will be the design peopld followed by the military folks.

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chugheset 2
What's a Snowflace?
tpmorrow, if you have to ask that question in 2020, then it is pointless to explain it.
Alan Dahl -1
Politics it appears... :(
S Davis 1
Wonder about security of their work .
Peter McGrath 1
Understandable. Why would any company want to set up shop in the anarchist state of Washington?
Jeraboam 0
One has to feel sympathy for the workers in Washington as they watch incompetent leadership destroy their major industry but no sympathy for this heavily tax supported corporation which maliciously set out to destroy Canada's developing commercial airline industry. With the assistance of Donald Trump's illegal tariffs, they succeeded but still couldn't preserve their own flawed organization.
And why should we support Canada?!
Illegal tariffs? Huh? NO tariff is illegal nor immoral. Simply, we are finally looking out for our #1 concern. Us.
WhiteKnight77 5
I see people talk about how we should let everyone and anyone into the US with little or no checks or that we should not be deporting them, yet they overlook that the US is not the only country with immigration laws. I took a vacation to England, Scotland and Ireland years ago and customs actually asked me if I intended to go back home.

There is nothing wrong with taxing imports, yet in some people's eyes, it is a travesty if the US does it. All countries have tariffs on imports as all nations have laws, some even more draconian that the US does.
I have a friend who 20 years ago plead guilty to a felony driving charge. To this day he can not go fishing in Canada. Seriously, that makes me not want to go to Canada. We take so many of the worlds derelicts and a surgeon can not go fishing in Canada?
WhiteKnight77 1
Yeah, I have experience in not just traveling through Canada, but working there. The work visa fee is $150 CDN and as you note, no felony convictions and that includes DUI convictions. I will say that they do have comprehensive safety training where you learn to use self-contained breathing apparatus as well as fall training where you have to figure out how much room you need so you do not hit any object beneath you, this to work in a refinery.
And all the while the idiots in a certain political party in the US want to pretend that a Coyote is a dog that our leader claims drags kids across the border.....we let in ANYONE. Canada at least tries.

To that, I was happy to see that the animals on the boxes of Animal Crackers are no longer depicted to be in cages.
gerardo godoy -2
Intelligent move leaving leaving that Hellhole
john doe 4
Hellhole? Where? Renton? Kinda nice there.
Jon Horner 4
They are not leaving. They are only selling the building, and moving into other Seattle area buildings.
they say that they don't have money but they decide to close the offices and move the way I see it as a waste of money and a lot of personnel out of jobs
Clarke Ramsey -7
For F sake guys!


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