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It's Easier than Ever to Share Any Flight Using the FlightAware App

With FlightAware’s new social sharing feature, you can share flight-track images from before, during, and even after your flight using your iOS mobile device. ( More...

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Chris Muncy 6
Love the idea if used responsible. Do not like the fact that there is not an android version
Stine David 1
You can block your aircraft being tracked. No reason to worry here.
saso792 0
This could be a very bad idea. Do you really want to share it on social media so everyone knows you are not at home? I don't trust crooks that much and I don't believe for moment that social media is a secure way to share things some criminal might use to see I'm out of town and on an airplane. I don't need the App to take a screen shot I can send in a text or email to who I want and they can plug in the flight number to see it in in delayed time, not live. Or better yet, they can go to and track it very close to real time and even see the airplanes N number without paying for it.
srobak 2
You know it's been possible for prime to share your flight from flight aware this whole time already, right? For years.
srobak 1
Prone - should read "people"
Miguel Otero 2
Have 4 AR-15 with camera at home in case of….
Dan Chiasson 1
godutch 1
Jeezus...Saso, quit being afraid of your shadow and live your life. We are responsible for ourselves and don't need a 'mother hen' or Uncle Sam to take care of us or keep us safe.
D Kaufman -1
Agree. The only person who needs to know you're on that flight are the people who may be coming to pick you up.


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