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Good Shot!

Written on 24-10-2021 by michael little

The Queen making it look easy! Nice shot!

Written on 24-10-2021 by user3956

Really nice shot!

Written on 24-10-2021 by user3956

Nice pic!

Written on 24-10-2021 by user3956

Looks dope in gloss

Written on 24-10-2021 by user3956

Thanks, @a mentor. You are correct that with the CORS type code FA will display the aircraft as a VOUGHT-SIKORSKY V-166 Corsair. Quoting from Wikipedia, "In June 1938, the U.S. Navy signed a contract with Vought for a prototype bearing the factory designation V-166B,[13] the XF4U-1, BuNo 1443." However, the only ICAO Aircraft Type Code that I can find for ANY Corsair is: CORS. If you want FA to recognize it as a Corsair - any Corsair - you need to enter that code. (Unless someone knows another code that will work.) Then you can always be more specific as to the actual variant in the caption to the picture. There has been, and continues to be, a lot of frustration with FA as to the nomenclature FA uses for various ICAO codes. It rarely reflects the specific aircraft being displayed. It seems that ICAO does not usually come up with a new type code for each variant of one aircraft type, especially older aircraft types like the Corsair. (I know there are exceptions such as some airliners, e.g. B734, B735, etc.) So, generally, there is one code for one aircraft type. And in this case the V-166 was the very first of a long line of Corsair variants, so at least it makes some sense. Thanks, again. And keep up the good work, Hawk!

Written on 24-10-2021 by Greg Byington

So, it actually had 6 engines? Take-off? Cruise? or all the time?

Written on 24-10-2021 by jmonroe

2021-OCT-24 C-GMRN -> Robinson R66 2021
Base of Operations: -> Ottawa ON Canada

Owner Registered Since: -> 2021-07-13
Owner -> Divine Supercars Inc. Ottwa ON

Written on 24-10-2021 by Dominique Desilets

GREAT shot!

Written on 24-10-2021 by Jack White

This is clearly an F-18E. The photoshop charge was made by someone who is obviously not at true plane spotter. Pay attention to the details!

Written on 24-10-2021 by Rickh52

Jean-Yves: the backgrounds of the photos you linked are very obviously different from Patrick's photo as well as each other. Additionally, Patrick's photo is of a F/A-18E Super Hornet, first flown in the 2020 season. The photos linked are clearly of the older F/A-18A. Is it surprising that others have photographed this part of the routine in previous years?

Written on 24-10-2021 by justinwk

Thanks for all the comments.
This picture was take from an Helicopter .
In La you can fly a tour over LAX...
Once again, thank you all

Written on 24-10-2021 by Paul Lehmann

Thanks guys. There were 6 of the Beech's practicing formation flying over the weekend of 11/13/2020.

Written on 24-10-2021 by Richard Grinder

Those are TF-33 fans

Written on 24-10-2021 by Jeff Grindstaff

The FG-1D, built by Goodyear, is powered by a P&W R-2800 engine. The F2G-1 & -2 was powered by a P&W R-4360 engine, and this variant was the 'Super Corsair'. I sadly saw an F2G crash at the 1994 Phoenix Air Races - pilot got out OK.

Written on 24-10-2021 by adelma


Written on 23-10-2021 by 思喆 王


Written on 23-10-2021 by 思喆 王


Written on 23-10-2021 by 思喆 王


Written on 23-10-2021 by 思喆 王


Written on 23-10-2021 by 思喆 王


Written on 23-10-2021 by 思喆 王

I'm thinking the squadron called out was a typo. It was probably VP-67, the reserve squadron from NAS Memphis, they flew P-2s till the late '70s. The were in P-3As when I got NATTC Memphis in the fall of 1979.

Written on 23-10-2021 by Scott Smith

Fantastic shot! TAP's livery looks amazing on the A330neo imho.

Written on 23-10-2021 by The Martin Alliance

Love this shot perfect light to make that paint pink

Written on 23-10-2021 by NORAD P

Excellent! Great timing!

Written on 23-10-2021 by PerryL


Written on 23-10-2021 by Chris Croft

I agree wholeheartedly William. Those were the days when passengers dressed to look their best. Nowadays pajamas and flip flops are the norm.

Written on 23-10-2021 by Chris Croft

@Keith Brown
@Paul Hurford
I am right there with you vis-a-vis the B757, aka the Seven-Rocket-Seven. Gone too
soon. WAY too soon.

Written on 23-10-2021 by David Seider

Easily one of the top ten (maybe top five!) liveries to ever grace an airliner.

Written on 23-10-2021 by David Seider

@Diana Rose
Here is some info that I have gleaned over the years. The particulars are borrowed
from the Los Angeles VFR Terminal Area Chart.
There are several special ATC routes that pass close to KLAX, but there are
specifically two that can provide a private pilot (and pax) in their Cessna et. al.
with spectacular "up-close" views of ops at KLAX. All of these routes fly southeast
to northwest.

First is named the "Mini Route". This is VFR only and is restricted to "non-turbojet
aircraft only". This route will take you over the numbers of KLAX rwy 24L at 2500 feet. This route is subject to ATC clearance.

Second is named the "Los Angeles Special Flight Rules Area". This too will take you over KLAX, and is not subject to ATC authorization. This route is also restricted to
"non-turbojet aircraft only", and "Maximum Indicated Airspeed shall not exceed
140 knots". Aircraft heading southeast are restricted to 3500 feet, and northwest
bound aircraft are restricted to 4500 feet.

Written on 23-10-2021 by David Seider

Freedom 1 cleared for freedom of the skies !

Written on 23-10-2021 by harrycushing

What is a formidable looking chopper what a fabulous picture

Written on 23-10-2021 by Wingrat

Absolutely exceptional photograph. It’ll be a while before anybody comes up with one better than this

Written on 23-10-2021 by Wingrat

Absolutely exceptional photograph.

Written on 23-10-2021 by Wingrat

It's well-known that Singapore is meticulously squeaky clean (or at least tries hard
to be so).
It's logical to think that their Air Force aircraft would be also!

Written on 23-10-2021 by David Seider


Written on 23-10-2021 by Bill Moore

sorry there @Greg; the CORS type entry on FA is entirely misleading giving a blueprint model number as an a/c type (V-166) -- the given F4U is more accurate and the F2G would be even more precise.

Written on 23-10-2021 by a mentor

Hmm, CYGNS11? Shouldn’t they be swans, not geese? 🙂😄

Written on 23-10-2021 by JohnDilley

Excellent shot!

Written on 23-10-2021 by William Owens

Yes, reminds me of the days when jet travel was respected and people were proud to be part of the list of passengers that were flying to and fro in such luxury…

Written on 23-10-2021 by William Owens

Nice plane at air shows! From a military point of view it's not a practical aircraft. Fuel load vs. payload vs. runway length needed to get off ground effect and be able to go any distance. And no air refueling ability. Still a beautiful plane!

Written on 23-10-2021 by Robin Rebhan

Also they probably use them for show since Singapore's not a hot bed of conflict lately.

Written on 23-10-2021 by Dave Keough

Great capture! Really nice!

Written on 23-10-2021 by Robin Rebhan

Great shot. The composition is awesome!!

Written on 23-10-2021 by Robin Rebhan

I think the high gloss finish is to help reflect the heat from tropical sun

Written on 23-10-2021 by Robin Rebhan

******* <---- I just had to add a couple more stars. Great shot...timing is everything :-)

Written on 23-10-2021 by Robin Rebhan


Written on 23-10-2021 by William O’Brien

Nice Shot! Heat Mirage is Painterly.

Written on 23-10-2021 by Diana Rose

Very Cool Shot!

Written on 23-10-2021 by Diana Rose

Bye bye old lady

Written on 23-10-2021 by Fabian Dirscherl


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