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Thanks Todd, that's a great shot of your turbocharged C model PA30 parked at Birmingham KBHM.

Written on 08-12-2019 by CHRIS ROBEY

Awesome ...

Written on 08-12-2019 by Levend Ordulu

That's a pretty nice snap. Great pic. (and just what is a "Hard Eight" BBQ?)

Written on 08-12-2019 by Viv Pike

I am not stationed on the USS Ronald Reagan am just a family member of someone who is part of the air wing stationed on there. And I am not stationed in Hawaii. Just a trip.

Written on 08-12-2019 by Joan Williams

A true Beech Debonair... from 1962...!!! :-)

Written on 08-12-2019 by cliff731

Gary, you're welcome. Glad to hear you're on the mend. Us old dogs were made tough back in the day.

Written on 08-12-2019 by Viv Pike

Great snap, Gary. Love the detail, excellent framing, "brilliant" contrasting colours.

Written on 08-12-2019 by Viv Pike


Is it safe to say that your a member of this crew and stationed in proximity to the Hawaiian Islands?
No more ?????

Written on 07-12-2019 by warmwynds


Written on 07-12-2019 by warmwynds

Long story short. I am Dean. Not Joan.

Written on 07-12-2019 by Joan Williams

Based on what I just read is there an FA member who uses the name JOAN as in JOAN WILLIAMS and is a guy named DEAN? At least that is what I interrupted from this last comment. Is there another Joan?????

Rich (real name)

Written on 07-12-2019 by warmwynds

F4U, not F-4U, yes it's a nit

Written on 07-12-2019 by a mentor

Hi Michael. Still flies great. What airport did you fly 44U at?

Written on 07-12-2019 by Stefan Donaubauer

The airframe itself is marked F4U-1 as the Planes of Fame @ KCNO are as fanatical as I am

Written on 07-12-2019 by a mentor

minutia : F4U-1a at KCNO
Planes of Fame's Chance Vought F4U-1A Corsair

There is NO V-166 type

Written on 07-12-2019 by a mentor

This Corsair was manufactured by Goodyear (hence the type FG-1D)

Written on 07-12-2019 by a mentor

Sorry -- this is the Grumman F8F-2 @ KCMA

Written on 07-12-2019 by a mentor

Viv, Dave, and Hundo .... Howdy to all of you and TYVM for the comments/complis. Viv and Dave ..... A special Thanks to both of you and also to Alien and my young friend Dean (aka "Joan") for your concern and friendship during my prolonged absence. Each of you should have received an e/m within the past 30 hours or so. I'm back in action a full six weeks earlier than the Dr told me I would be. Both the Doc and the home care P/T therapist are truly stunned but they have both given the green light -- I can drive a car again, I can carry my photo equipment bag again, and I can do almost everything I could do two months ago (except I am still prohibited from climbing up mountains or even ladders and I am still required to use a cane at all times). But the bone that was snapped cleanly in two just 6 weeks ago is healing together perfectly and the metal rod has done its job - I'm already able to walk over a mile and Doc says with a bit more patience and a lot more common sense I'll be good as new by New Years Day. Once again, TYVM to each of you. (Wave)

Written on 07-12-2019 by Gary Schenauer

Even FA Registration

says Summary 1948 CHANCE VOUGHT F4U-5

Written on 07-12-2019 by a mentor


All very cool! United retired their Caravelles shortly after I was born. My father used to love flying on United's Caravelles & Viscounts way back when! The triangular PAX windows on the Caravelle gave excellent downward views I heard. Stay warm too, my friend!:)


Written on 07-12-2019 by C.W. Reed

Up until a few months ago, the midafternoon SEA-RNO-SEA roundtripper was serviced by Horizon (QXE) Dash 8s. When the passenger count on the route rose steadily throughout the year, Alaska made the decision to replace the QXE Dash 8 equipment with an ASA Boeing to handle the increase number of pax flying the route on the midafternoon flight. Thus, RNO now sees one Alaska Boeing 737 arrive here daily. Not only did that mean more seats available on the route, it also meant there was now the possibility that some of Alaska's special livery schemebirds would appear here. And that is what happened a couple of days ago when ASA's "Spirit Of The Islands" Hawaiian paint made its first-ever visit to RNO.

Written on 07-12-2019 by Gary Schenauer


Thanks for the comment.
I posted a number of photos early this morning and was surprised to see this as a staff pick. Happen to get all the decals and it's clear but average to me. Not much lately on TMC and Wheels UP. Will keep watching.

WIll be posting an old kodak photo from 1973 tomorrow from the airport in Nice France that I took that will tie into the recent Caravelle posting from a few weeks back that is doing well. Stay warm!

Written on 07-12-2019 by warmwynds

Thanks Bartolommeo I appreciate that. This truly is the best job ever!

Written on 07-12-2019 by Kyle LeBouton

Beautiful shot, Seth.

Written on 07-12-2019 by Doug Fehmel

Great shot of that "ATP" multi-engine trainer, Rich!:-)


Written on 07-12-2019 by C.W. Reed

Excellent shot of TMC's sister ship! Thanks Gary!:-)


Written on 07-12-2019 by C.W. Reed

I wish, ha ha

Written on 07-12-2019 by jesse kyzer


Thank you for the specifics on the seating in the Caravelle as I made the correction in the description. I did not mention it but I did get to fly in one from Geneva to Nice while in the military in June 1973.
Great to hear from an actual dispatcher of the Caravelle's.

Written on 07-12-2019 by warmwynds

I don't mind the new livery, but I did like the old one. With United, it's what happens inside the jet that I'm more concerned about...

Written on 07-12-2019 by john andrew

GSR = Gary Schenauer Returns! :)

Written on 07-12-2019 by Dave Sheehy

cool pic -- see if you can get it right-side up...

Written on 07-12-2019 by a mentor

Dang it, this is the third bucket of paint we've used -- go get me whatever is left

Written on 07-12-2019 by a mentor

Location: Jesup, GA
Accident Number: ERA16LA151
Date & Time: 04/08/2016, 1105 EDT
Registration: N97GR
Aircraft Damage: Substantial
Defining Event: Fuel exhaustion
Injuries: 1 Serious
Flight Conducted Under: Part 91: General Aviation - Personal

Written on 07-12-2019 by gretnabear

just a little correction about the amount of passengers: there were 2 versions at Air France:
2 classes with 12 First and 74 Economy, total 86, or an all Economy version with 94 passengers.
I was a dispatcher then...

Written on 07-12-2019 by JMB65

Cool airport scene!

Written on 07-12-2019 by Bartolomeo Gorgoglione

Awesome shot.

Written on 07-12-2019 by WhiteKnight77

Can you give me a pin to were you guys go to planespot at RJAH? I need to get over there before the RF-4 is gone.

Written on 07-12-2019 by Joan Williams

Just beautiful.

Written on 07-12-2019 by Gus Valdivieso

Great shot. Welcome back, Gary.

Written on 07-12-2019 by Viv Pike

All the aircraft with character are disappearing right before my eyes. :-( Thank you for the photo.

Written on 06-12-2019 by Kam Bahrami

Gorgeous and mean looking jet. It is almost analogous to people from "then" vs. "now".

Written on 06-12-2019 by Kam Bahrami

For a second I though it was the USAF Thunderbirds! Then I looked carefully and I see I was waaaay off. Nice photo!

Written on 06-12-2019 by Kam Bahrami

Where does one find a blacklight big enough to make the entire aircraft glow like that?

Just kidding, it does look way cool!

Written on 06-12-2019 by SkyVoice

@Jesse Kyzer - I'll gladly keep a couple flying... just send me the money.

Written on 06-12-2019 by Mark Kanzler

@Phil Brooks yes the aircraft was taken out of service with the NLD airforce. its still flying as a cargo bird!

Written on 06-12-2019 by daniel jef

Thank you.

Written on 06-12-2019 by Donn Avers

Just a little snowy-heh?

Written on 06-12-2019 by marylou anderson


Written on 06-12-2019 by marylou anderson

Great composition
What patience you have

Written on 06-12-2019 by marylou anderson

Excellent eye.
great job there

Written on 06-12-2019 by marylou anderson


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