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Nice aircraft shadow too. * * * * *

Written on 02-08-2021 by warmwynds

This version is the C-40C, used to transport members of Congress and Cabinet officials. By using commercial, off-the-shelf acquisition practices and a new lease program for the C-40C model, the Air Force reached a benchmark for aircraft procurement. The C-40C was the first military aircraft to be purchased in this manner. The 201st Airlift Squadron, Washington, D.C. National Guard, acquired two C-40C aircraft in October 2002.

Written on 02-08-2021 by Paul Wisgerhof

The identification is accurate. However, still looks a lot like the Fairchild C-119 Flying Boxcar.

Written on 02-08-2021 by Paul Wisgerhof

Love this photo. Brings back memories of 1969. Had 500+ hours in 9 months as a loadmaster dropping illumination flares, propaganda leaflets and broadcast speaker missions over III and IV Corps Vietnam. Had a couple of AC47 "Spooky" missions as well. Interesting time. Excellent and trustworthy aircraft to be associated with.

Written on 02-08-2021 by Alan BigSky

I rode in this plane at Sun-N-Fun 2019 right before it went across the pond to participate in the D-Day anniversary reenactment. This restoration is fantastic. The flight was great but what really caught my attention was a detailed examination of the airframe and systems. This bird is like a brand new airplane. No "aging aircraft" issues here. The CAF pulled out all the stops. The wire harnesses are a think of beauty and obviously done by a very organized detailed crew. By the book with real wax string wire ties and each wire organized along the length of the run and terminated perfectly with service loops and esthetically pleasing. The wiring alone is a work of art.

Written on 01-08-2021 by jliltd

Vintage 1967. Still a workhorse out there.

Written on 01-08-2021 by ACFTTECH8

Great Photo. (its a Cessna 337, not a Cessna-152)

Written on 01-08-2021 by Jeffrey Sipp

For surviving as a posting on the site for the past 10 hours and easily getting by the sleeping staff at the site a nice bunch of these * * * * *.

Written on 01-08-2021 by warmwynds

Wow! What a contrast! Brilliant white 777-300 on a hazy background. Excellent just excellent Bartolomeo!

Written on 01-08-2021 by richard ferguson

Re: "...the sexiest plane in the sky"

Yes, definitely. But also one of the noisiest, I think, given its size. I saw one fly over Genoa Italy during our visit there several years ago and was really impressed by its beauty in the air. But what caught my attention and made me look up was the sound it generated.

Apparently there are more than a few people impressed by its sound:

The article below seems to explain the cause of the sound - 2000 rpm props, blade tips likely causing sonic shock waves.

The article is from 2011, and it mentions a "new prop under development." Likely with scimitar blades?

Written on 01-08-2021 by John Sukovich

Among the columns of Thor, a mortal has captured the beauty of His domain.

Written on 01-08-2021 by Chris Croft

Ft. Leonard Wood Missouri / Fort Lost in the Woods Misery.

Written on 01-08-2021 by terry kelsey

Those of us who had Basic Training at Ft. Leonard Wood, also call it Misery.

Written on 01-08-2021 by terry kelsey

Looks like it may be a temporary registration by a dealer - used to be N62MW...
The Texas livery is gorgeous. Nice catch zfw

Written on 01-08-2021 by A. Michael Uhlmann

@ STEVEN CORNISH thank you very much yea your most welcome to be there!!

Written on 31-07-2021 by daniel jef

@ Gilles Lavoie yes it was a nice sight to see.

Written on 31-07-2021 by daniel jef

Beautiful photo!

Written on 31-07-2021 by Michael Wulfsohn

The Warthogs and the Hun look great together. I agree that the Hun is one badass bird. They were flown by the USAF Thunderbirds for several years while Tricky-Dicky was in office.

Written on 31-07-2021 by Michael Wulfsohn

Its the new, improved livery for the new Air Force One 747-8s.

Written on 31-07-2021 by Michael Wulfsohn

Nice shot!

Written on 31-07-2021 by Michael Wulfsohn

Beautiful! The lightning bolt is a perfect touch.

Written on 31-07-2021 by Michael Wulfsohn

Nice shot!

Written on 31-07-2021 by Michael Wulfsohn


Written on 31-07-2021 by Vincent Partin

Reports are that N306FE is still flying. The famous FedEx 705 birds rises from the ashes like an aluminum phoenix!

Written on 31-07-2021 by Justin Smith

Thank you John!

Written on 31-07-2021 by Manuel E. Silva

Awesome Shot Amelia!

Written on 31-07-2021 by John Giambone

Cool Shot Manuel! Muey Bueno!

Written on 31-07-2021 by John Giambone

Yes it is.

Written on 31-07-2021 by ace221ch

Yes, the Chinook is one of the best helos ever made, and fastest, AND still in production. It, however is a military helo, and NOT a commercial passenger plane, or an airliner. Come on, man!

Written on 31-07-2021 by Michael Wulfsohn

Balloons are not airplanes or airlines. This picture belongs In a children's book about big and little balloons. Good picture, bad editorial choice.

Written on 31-07-2021 by Michael Wulfsohn

We've seen about 20 pics of the Il-72 in the last 4-6 weeks. Enough already! We know what it looks like. The editors should focus on pics of DIFFERENT aircraft every week. Pics by the same photographer of the same aircraft in one Friday's edition of this email is enough. We don't need 5 angles of the same plane each week, let alone pics of the same aircraft week after week after week. My criticism is not directed towards the photographers but the editors. This weekly Friday email should shoe a different aircraft picture for each photo "box," thus allowing room for more diverse pics of more different aircraft. Many of these pictures are "stolen"from other websites. Come on, really! Since I'm on a curmudgeon roll, I also don't like seeing so many general aviation aircraft, military aircraft, and helos. I though this was a website devoted to commercial aircraft and airliners. Fire the editors, and get new editors who understand what editing, AND supervision means. I used to look forward to seeing AIRLINER photos every Friday. Now, those pics are a minority, and the pictures have become extremely repetitive, and BORING. Get back to what this email is supposed to be. One picture per photographer of the same aircraft, and just one picture of a particular aircraft by the same photogtapher. I can go to to see hundreds of pics of the same aircraft. There are very few identical photos on that site, they aren't stolen, and praise is given to all photographers, rather than just a few, who get their multiple pics in this email every week, of numerous pics of the SAME aircraft, and then repaeat the same pics and planes the next week, and the week after that.The editing is so bad, that I am no longer looking forward to, nor have much interest in these photos anymore. Let's see some 747-SP,707,720,DC-8-60/70,DC-9-10,Mad Dogs,727-100,737-100,Caravelle, Convair 880 & 990,757,L-1011, DC-10/MD-11 aircraft. We've seen enough 747-8 freighters in and out of Anchorage. Let's see some more Lufthansa, South China, and other 747-8 PASSENGER aircraft in and out of SFO and LAX. Sorry for my ranting, but my enjoyment of this weekly email has dropped from a "10" to a "2." We know you can "make this website great again!". So lose the editors, get new ones, and make this weekly email interesting again, please. Thank you. I'm not a pilot. I live all aircraft, but passenger airlines in particular. Pilots never respond to my comments, because I'm "not one of their specialized "club," but I am still very knowledgeable about commercial airlines and all of their variants. They are a special breed of architecture and art that Infind pleasing. Pilots, please continue to ignore me (although I worked for Continental for several years) because I'm supposedly an ignorant peon. Nevertheless, I have the utmost respect for commercial and freight pilots, even if "I don't get no respect." (Rodney Dangerfield). Thanks for reading (if you actually did) my diatribe towards the steady deterioration of this weekly email. (Im not afraid of retorts, comments or criticism right nack at me, so go for it. I will respect your opinions, and I'm not a troll just seeking arguments from others. Thank you, and have a nice rest of your weekend. -- Michael Wulfsohn

Written on 31-07-2021 by Michael Wulfsohn


Written on 31-07-2021 by Jaecob Branom

Ouch; the inaccuracy of the ICAO and blind following by FA speaks volumes on what is important to whom; What a waste of a large resourse!

Written on 31-07-2021 by a mentor

Love the Back to the Future logo on the tail.

Written on 31-07-2021 by ACFTTECH8

Old Piper Apache, she has aged well.

Written on 31-07-2021 by ACFTTECH8

Great shot, JB. Amazing aircraft for the late 1930's. True luxury with metal fuselage, flush rivets and retractable gear. Far ahead of it's time.

Written on 31-07-2021 by ACFTTECH8

It's like riding a bike...sort of.

Written on 31-07-2021 by ACFTTECH8


Yes the CAF changed the registration during the restoration to N47TB.

For all the commenters about DC-3 versus C-47. The ICAO aircraft code, recognized by Flightaware, is DC3 for both types. There is not a separate code for C-47.

Written on 31-07-2021 by David Sims

A very atmospheric photo could be any moment though time, Excellent photo

Written on 31-07-2021 by Anthony Holding

Good example of less is more.

Written on 31-07-2021 by James Wisely

Heading to Rwanda.

Written on 30-07-2021 by William Owens

That’s true Ron. They will be forced to make it multi spectral with a single red star.

Written on 30-07-2021 by William Owens

Great shot! !

Written on 30-07-2021 by William Owens

Fantastic shot :-)

Written on 30-07-2021 by Stephen Jensen

Great shot Ryan! 5 of 5

Written on 30-07-2021 by john cook

skylab, I never suggested the PO-2 was any sort of threat to a Corsair. I was asking someone who was actually there (Jim Tyson) for his recollections.

Written on 30-07-2021 by Chris Croft

skylab, apparently you failed to notice my comments were a direct quote from which I cited at the end of the article. If the article leaves out certain facts, I suggest you contact the source of this article and enlighten them. The fact remains that Capt. Chambers made a bold decision,faced with a unique situation to make a ready deck to help Maj.Bung Ly and his family. I suppose you could say Capt. Chambers did not carry out his orders since he scuttled the aircraft in poor weather and shallower seas

Written on 30-07-2021 by Chris Croft

18-L at KIND? Or is that KCVG?

Written on 30-07-2021 by Samuel Bixler

What a cool shot! I have seen one once so far...flying over Notre Dame Stadium back in 2013!:-)


Written on 30-07-2021 by C.W. Reed

I don't know Sal. . . that B-36 Peacemaker at the National Museum of the US Air Force. . .

Written on 30-07-2021 by Alan Young


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