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Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress (N93012)


God bless the Nine-O-Nine, her crew, and her pax. It was an honor to have her be the first B-17 I ever "met" decades ago, and the only B-17 I've ever flown. Holding those who were lost in the light. Climbing out of RDU in October of 2017, off to her next stop. Eternal blue skies to all.


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Sad deal
Mason Beitz
Rest In Peace To Everyone That Passed
Joan Williams
very sad
mike prendergast
Very Sad News.
Terrible news. I, too, flew on her many years ago.
Paul Wisgerhof
Gone West to join their friends who have gone before.
God speed to her crew, team, and pax!
Dick Nieuwendyk
Rest in peace to all who flew their last flight.
ken kemper
God Speed is Right.

Wonderful photo Savannah - a great tribute photo.
Robert Greene
Very sad, indeed.
Tail winds brothers. Prayers for all affected by this.
Savannah FordPhoto Uploader
I haven’t quit crying since yesterday. Man, this is so hard.
Martin Hüben
Rest in Pease. I'm very sad ...
Such a horrible loss in so many ways. Can only imagine what the final moments were like for all involved. Heartbreaking.
bob reeves
sad sad day!!! RiP
Lynn Ratliff
God’s speed to all that perished and prayers for the families.
Dennis Moon
Very sad. Prayers for all involved. Wings of Freedom Tour has been here before and was scheduled to be in my hometown Oct 24-27.
Tim Bynum
So sad!! Praying for the families of those involved and the volunteers who worked on this workhorse!
Probably one of the best heavy bombers of its time as well as being well armed.
Terrible loss to the entire aviation community, made worse by those who reached out their hands and touched the face of God on the final flight.
John mcGeoghan
Condolences to the families of the crew passengers and to flightaware community from this side of the pond. Sad day for us all.
Leander Williams
God bless those who lost their lives and are now flying with the Angels, and prayers to those whose lives will be forever changed by what they survived..
Rick Mihalinac
I was at the 1987 Beaver County airshow when she went off the end of the runway due to pilot error/crosswinds. She became Beaver County, PA's adopted B-17 as she spent 3+ years being lovingly restored there. My late father & I watched and waited on a cold December morning in 1990 for her to take flight back to FL. We just recently toured her again on the Wings of Freedom tour last month in Butler,PA and I bought a tee shirt of the "909". RIP old bird & crew and thanks for all the memories.
On Golden Wings they fly in perpetuity....Fly High and Fly Free!
Andrea Gentilini
Eternal Godspeed to the crew that was lost and to all the people whose dedication keeps these magnificent birds airborne !!
jesse kyzer
Barry Erlich
She was a beautiful aircraft. I was fortunate to have flown with her years ago and will always be one of my most cherished experiences. So sad. Deepest sympathy to the family of those who perished and healing thoughts to those who were injured.
N93012 için 1998 yılına kadar geri giden tam geçmiş araması ister misiniz? Hemen satın al. Bir saat içinde gelsin.
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