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16 Year Old Avgeek Kicked off Flight for taking a Snapchat

A common hobby by passengers--taking pictures through the window of a plane. A 16 Year Old Student Pilot was forcefully removed a Silver Airways SAAB340 flight in Florida for doing just that. A passenger complained about the 'dangerous' photos and the airline called the police to remove the minor. ( Daha Fazlası...

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Viv Pike 6
Good grief - Americans (not all, but yes, I am generalising here) are a fickle bunch of people. If you as a passenger are too afraid to fly (and tend to complain about anything) then please do everybody a favour and DO NOT FLY !!!!
Clearly should have also made the complainant get off the aircraft to stand on the hot tamac and describe their concerns. This is inexcusable and reaction to hearsay.
jwmson 4
Totally stupid. As much as I dislike "ambulance chasing" lawyers, one is needed here.
allan howell 3
He gets kicked off for photos yet yipping dogs and their hapless owners are fauned over after the forward doors are closed for entire flights. Shifting goal post of what matters to public
Glad I got my SF34 fix with PenAir before they withdrew from PDX.
linbb 1
Flew once on them, the last day they operated from Klamath Falls, there were no happy people working for them that last day. Very bad deal to hear you were not going to have a job past Monday is one thing but to hear it on the news first is another. Every one on our flight had nice comments to say to them.
Highflyer1950 -2
Paranoia is at it’s highest when people are crunched together on a plane and mis-interpret actions coupled with not understanding a foreign language. The mind tends to ramp up conspiracy theories but in this day of heightened security you can’t blame the airline or the pax for their concerns, unfounded or not.


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