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The ‘Flying-V,’ a Fuel-Efficient Alternative to Jumbo Jets, Just Flew for the First Time

A scale model of the “Flying-V,” an experimental aircraft design with huge wings, took flight recently in Germany. The blended-wing aircraft concept is a project by Delft Technical University (TU Delft) in the Netherlands, with financial support by KLM Airlines. It was recently flown from a German airbase, with the support of a team from Airbus. The Flying-V was designed as a fuel-efficient, long-range aircraft in which the passenger seating, fuel tanks and baggage hold are built into the wings.… ( Daha Fazlası...

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sparkie624 4
Very Interesting, but not sure how well people would accept that design.... However, I Would love to see them market that plane for the RC Modelers around the world... :)
Tim Worley 2
The passengers with the window seats will have an amazing view of the crash.
sparkie624 1
Just like being there!
jaymeinen 2
Boeing has been flying something similar. I’d love to see a new design make it beyond an RC model.
I wonder what the people sitting far to the side of longtudinal axis will do if this plane will roll even a bit. Will they pray, or scream, or just faint out?
sparkie624 1
Weight and Balance will be interesting.... People in the Rear to the Far sides, I can just see 10 300 pounders are the right and 10 100 pounders on the left...
dav555 1
Not exactly a new design. This looks just like the Boeing X48, which was first flown in 2007. Boeing has been testing the blended wing design since the mid 1990s.
patrick baker 1
People will accept this design if that is the airliner on today's flight, and also offers synthetic views out the sides, where windows usually are. Comfortable seats, some view outside, - what else is there to have to accept, unless they name the thing Max........I hae seen drawings of this general shape for many years, thought it to be inevitable as a design following up with better fuel burns. I want the 747 and the A380, but we can't get those today, so find your seat , buckle in and enjoy your trip. Thanks for flying with us today.....Most folks don't know enough about this design to be able to decide what they think about it....


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