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United Airlines to Increase Flights to Hong Kong, Monitors Possibility of Haneda

United Airlines will increase service from San Francisco International Airport to Hong Kong International Airport in China by August. At the end of October, it should reach a twice-daily service. ( More...

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This article offers some of the worst writing the English language has ever seen.
Mike Boote 1
Dream on, United. Delta has never hinted if their request is denied, they will not operate flights to Haneda from either Portland or Honolulu. BTW, United has also not restarted flights from Honolulu to Japan - so perhaps Delta is onto something. United would never admit that.
Mike Boote 1
One more BTW - American is supporting Delta's petition, and United is worried that Hawaiian will also support it. IMHO, Delta's petition makes perfect sense. United's complaint is self-serving to say the least.
Alan Zelt 1
So, Delta won't turn back awards to Honolulu or Portland, even though they can sell no seats. The awards were on gateways, not allocation by carrier. They got what they wanted, and now wan to change rules. You can still fly to Haneda from Portland, if you want to pay 10K for coach seat,


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