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Japan Airline introduces perfect solution for passengers who hate sitting next to kids

Airlines tend to cater to people with children by offering them toys and candies. However, in a first-of-its-kind service, an airline is offering services to travellers who get annoyed by kids around them. People booking tickets for Japan Airlines can opt for seats that are far from toddlers. During the pre-booking of seats, the airlines generally show an aerial view of the cabin of the plane to ease the process of selection of seats. ( Daha Fazlası...

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Ian Murray 6
Personally, I think the parents should be educated, The cabin crew and other passengers are not unofficial child minders. Having wrote that, I do not blame babies, they do not know what is really happening.
bentwing60 4
uummm, think it might have more to do with the 'not my kid, helicopter moms'!
Good tired of kicking screaming running kids in aisle, always tell the adults to keep än eye on the kids, same at good hotels at breakfast
Ian Murray 3
I totally agree about the hotel, one year we booked a hotel (first year they opened for families) business type hotel also used by night stopping air crews but parents had let the kids of the leash, following year we could not book the put a minimum age on it 16 my daughter was 14. Sorry if it is slightly off topic.
nuna 3
I think is is a good idea, but INCOMPLETE.
On that same application for booking signalize also:
KIDS HATERS ( I don't want to seat my kids next to them
KIDS TOO MUCH LOVERS-PEDOPHILES ( by the same reason )
AIR SICK VOMITING PEOPLE ( comments needed? )
UNVACCINATED COVID PEOPLE ( comments needed? )
and above all...
Guess not too many people will want to be seated anywhere near YOU!
Can they also highlight seats booked by kids haters? Because I’d like to sit as far away from them as possible ;)
gusneer 1
This "perfect solution" could be perfectly ruined when I book seats next to you for my 11-kid family only three minutes after you picked your perfectly isolated seat. Will the system also show the seats booked by people that not want to be annoyed by children? 🤔🤣

Don Hines 4
Good point. Kid haters are every bit as obnoxious as bad kids.


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