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707, 717, 727, 737, 747, 757, 767, 777

In the end, the 717, 727, 737, 747, 757, 767, and 777 were lined up nose-to-tail on the taxiway. It is the first time Boeing has had every 7-series airplane in the same place (not counting the 787, which couldn't make the flight, of course). ( Daha Fazlası...

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Matt Dornbos 0
would loved to have seen that!
joefly09 0
now that would have been a site. I mean I love the 727, even though it was loud as the 707, as to the rest it was the evolution of greater airflight.
QuickBurn 0
Missing the 720. Also, that DC9 doesn't really belong in there!
Luke Steinberg 0
ive seen that 707 i think. Omega had one here in jax for a while
I've FLOWN on that 707 with Omega! Sorry, I'm a habitual story topper...ask anyone ;)
Stonesurfer 0
Need a 787 in there!
Rob Dover 0
Makes an awesome desktop background
Hunter Sandel 0
is interesting link. thanks!
joefly09 0
YOu know, as I recall, Eastern Airlines had the most of those 727, better known as the Whisper Jets along with the L1011. Now those were good flying days and yes meals on your flights over 2 hours lol
joefly09 0
hey Quickburn, you are right that 717 is out of line or in the wrong line. it just dont fit. lol
capnjon1 0
Looks like he "elephant line" at LAX
Daniel Baker 0
Very cool, thanks for posting.
Donald Poorman 0
Fantastic brother-in-law was a retired sr. pilot for AA who recently passed away (incredibly while flying on a 747, as a pax). He was qualified on ALL the Boeing aircraft shown, and then some. This is for you Bruce!!!!
707pylot 0
Cool photo. And I have flown that 707 as well.

David S. Truman 0
What no Stratocruiser? No heritage !
Be lucky
john rytkonen 0
I just loved the 727... just think how simple it was to start jet service at small airports..... Just drop the tail stairs and deplane passengers, and load up the next bunch. That WAS EXCITING for us passengers who were used to dragging along in a Convair 580!..... and grandma did NOT have to risk life and limb on the shaky stairs like was on the DC-9.
Who was the dude who bailed out of one over the Pacific Norwest? Did that bring the end to the 727?
Tim ONeill 0
I think 9/11 ended the 727, it was on the decline anyway but the downturn accelerated retirement.
toolguy105 0
I've flown on all but two; the 767 and the 717. The 717 doesn't really count as it was originally produced and ready for delivery by Douglas when Boeing bought them out. The others are all great planes but my heart belongs to the 707. She was a great lady and as they said in the movie "she could do everything but read." I worked on the KC135 which was based on the 707 airframe; it was hard to keep that plane down, even with bad pilots. I wish the 707 was still flying, I loved that plane, much nicer ride than the DC8.
john rytkonen 0
I did some research and the hijacking goes back to 1971..... and you can read all kinds of reports on the rear door opening in flight unexpectantly.
"Late in the afternoon of November 24, 1971 an inconspicuous middle-aged man wearing a plain suit and dark glasses boarded Flight 305, a three-engine Boeing 727-100 commercial jet aircraft belonging to Northwest Airlines (D.B. COOPER)"
I loved the sleek looking 727... it looked like it could really "haul the mail". How was the performance in the days of full TRT takeoffs and climbouts compared to others?
The picture, I have long awaited to see .. No joke .... THANKS BOEING !!

Would have enjoyed seeing the 787 in line. Either way, beautiful! :D
Thomas Yerge 0
Great picture post! I miss flying on the 727. If I recall correctly, wasn't it the DC-9 that was introduced as being the all new "whisper jet" model? I do remember watching 727's flying into BWI and they sure didn't "whisper", more like a roar.
Evan Rys 0
That is wicked awesome!!!!
Daniel Baker 0
It's too bad the 787 wasn't in this pic! I've been on all these but the 707.
Stewart Agreen 0
Apparently this picture is over 3 years old (check the date at the top of the page), which explains why the 787 couldn't make it :)
Robin Hawkins 0
I am a retired NWA Pilot and I flew all these airplanes except the B717 (really a Douglas airplane so it doesn't count) or the B777 (retired before that came along) plus the B720 (better known as the Renton Rocket). The Seattle Museum of Flight better known as the Boeing Museum of Flight also has the prototype B727 at its Everett restoration facility along with the world's first jetliner, the Comet.
Chuck May 0
Need a 787 in there!
Makes an awesome desktop background
Very cool, thanks for posting.


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